ASSOCIATES (2005, July, v. 12, no. 1) -

*From the Editor*

This issue marks the 11th year of publication for Associates and my fourth year as Editor. As simple as it sounds, people are the most important resource for Associates and its continued success. I would like to spotlight several individuals who have made an impact on Associates:

JIM JACKSON, University of Exeter. On May 11, 2005, Jim finally got that call from CILIP headquarters to say he passed his ACLIP--the first person ever--and is officially Certified! (CILIP is the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals. ACLIP is an Associate Member of CILIP.) Jim has contributed articles to Associates since 1994, detailing his concerns with training library staff and initiating a national certification program in the U.K. for library paraprofessionals. Congratulations, Jim! In April 2005, I asked Jim to accept a title and permanent position as "Contributing Editor" for Associates. He has written an article for every issue since the beginning; he has as much enthusiasm and dedication for Associates as anybody I know; and I wanted to formally acknowledge his contributions. Welcome to the newest member of the Associates editorial staff!

DAWN HAWLEY, Bellingham Technical College Library in Washington. Dawn is the 1000th subscriber to Associates! As most subscribers are aware, the subscription list for Associates was destroyed in February 2005. I have been keeping track of all subscribers (for both Associates and AssociatesWeb) since we started accepting the first subscriber on February 22, 2005. On May 31, 2005, Dawn became the 1000th subscriber to the combined lists of Associates. I was delighted that Dawn was excited as I was about attaining this milestone. In my correspondence with Dawn, she said she found the link to Associates while browsing the ALA website. Dawn said: "I was drawn to the idea of a library "Associate" as a person doing library work--compared to a library "Assistant" as supporting someone who does (the real) library work. I've already asked to change my position title. I will let others know about Associates, and am looking forward to my first issue." Additionally, I asked Dawn to tell us something about herself. Dawn reported that: "I work at Bellingham Technical College Library in Washington. My official job title is “ITRC Assistant II.” This will change soon, however, because we’ve recently changed our name from “Information Technology Resource Center (ITRC),” to simply “Library.” Most of my work has to do with handling overdues, managing our journals and newspapers, processing interlibrary loans, and manning the circulation desk. Since we are a tiny (but in the process of remodeling!) library, however, I, like my two co-workers and our director, am something of a library generalist—which is great! I’ve worked at BTC for two years as of June 2005. Before joining the staff here, I worked for three years at Whatcom Community College Library. My very first library job, waaaay back in the 1980’s, was as a page at Kitsap Regional Library in Port Orchard, Washington. Libraries are in my blood, and I am seriously considering pursuing a MLS once my three children are older. I am a first-time subscriber to Associates." As Editor of Associates, every subscriber is important and has attained a milestone by subscribing. Thank you to all Associates subscribers and my congratulations to Dawn Hawley for being the 1000th.

TINKER MASSEY, University of South Carolina. Mary Massey, known to us all as Tinker, achieved her MLIS on May 6 after three years of pursuit. Congratulations, Tinker! In the July 2003 issue of Associates, Tinker began a then-new feature of continuing fiction with "Rainbow's End." The story ends with this issue, and Tinker has agreed to begin a new story in the November issue. Tinker has been a frequent contributor to Associates and I am grateful to her for continuing to support Associates.

RUTH V. OBERG, University at Buffalo and MARY BETH WILL, Vassar. Ruth and Mary Beth both receive my gratitude and recognition for supplying what I dreaded were unavailable back issues of Associates that we realized were destroyed in November 2004. Thank you Ruth and thank you Mary Beth! You join JOE ELLISON, Northwestern University, who also supplied missing articles for us in March 2005. I appreciate your efforts to preserve Associates! Only with your help can I even hope for complete back issues.

This issue begins with a dynamic Guest Editorial by BESSIE MAYES. As we are in the midst of summer, CAROL BORZYSKOWSKI and KATIE BULLER KINTNER share their views on summer in the library. MICHAEL D. BROOKS reviews a website that many libraries will find helpful. Several writings focused on library paraprofessional association information and activities, with contributions by ROB GOLBECK, TANIA BARRY, JOHN CHRASTKA, and JAURICE DEWAYNE HUDNELL. NANCY DOUGLAS writes about U.S. automobile vanity license plates and libraries. FRANK EXNER, LITTLE BEAR, submitted a history of authority control that is interesting and educational. JANET SWAN HILL shares information she compiled on the title "Copy Cataloger." JIM JACKSON tells about attaining certification and beyond. If you've wondered about "blogs", you'll want to read the article by JAMES LaMEE. TINKER MASSEY writes about an old text book collection dating from the late 1800s and early 1900s, and also completes her "Rainbow's End" piece. SUSAN C. TSIOURIS gives insight into the question: should I go for a Masters in Library Science?

An interesting, entertaining, thought-provoking issue. Excellent!

Happy Reading!

Wendee Eyler
Editor, Associates

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