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The Electronic Library Support Staff Journal


Volume 1, Number 1
July 1994

To and From The Editors:

Letters to the Editor
Editorial Board


*The Internet Guru* by Brad Eden
*Info from the Superhighway* by Linda Putnam


*Challenges of the Future* by Ed Gillen
*An MLS Degree: Is It The Right Thing To Do?* by Janet Anderson-Story
*Careening Out Of Control On The Information Superhighway?* by David J. Ives
*Repetitive Motion Injuries Team At Cornell University* by Barbara Taylor
*In Touch With History: The Zona Gale Breese Memorial Library of Portage, Wisconsin* : a personal remembrance by Katie Buller
*Full Text Revisited* by Megan Clark
*E-Mail Mentoring: A Research Project* by Tinker Massey and Peg Earheart
*Making Ends Meet: Starting Your Own Business For Profit* by Larry J. Atlow.

Book Reviews:

*Cataloging Unpublished Nonprint Materials: A Manual of Suggestions, Comments and Examples*. Verna Urbansky with Bao Chu Chang and Bernard L. Karon. Reviewed by Carol O'Brien.

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