ASSOCIATES (vol. 6, no. 2, November 1999) -

Strutting Our Stuff


Carol Borzyskowski
Library Associate
Winona Public Library


      Sometimes, even in a library, "girls just gotta have fun!" Please all men out there, donít stop reading right here, the simple truth is we only have women working in this building, and since I am writing the article, I can use GIRLS and not get mad.

      Anyway, back to having fun. I was reading through the latest copy of The Unabashed Librarian and came across an article about a marching book cart drill team. I sat and giggled and imagined getting anyone here interested in doing something like that in an upcoming parade.

      Then I thought, "well, why not ask?" So first I talked to our student aides, who aren't quite so "serious" about everything, and they thought it would be fun. So then I approached the director with the idea, using the approach that it would be a novel way to combine good public relations, celebrate our library's centennial birthday, and just have fun!

      She thought it was a great idea, and volunteered to drive her white convertible in front of us, and have it all decorated with birthday banners and balloons. She ordered balloons saying "Itís our Birthday: 1899-1999" and gave us a decorating budget.

      The students bought supplies, and I became THE DRILL QUEEN. We used book carts and practiced marching routines out in the parking lot. On the day of the parade I was presented with a feathered tiara to wear over my red WPL Book Cart Drill team.

      Meanwhile excitement grew and we ended up with three other staff member who wanted to be a part of the group. Two carried baskets and gave out bookmarks, buttons, and stickers, and one who decorated her golf cart and buzzed around behind the marchers and added zip to our performance.

      Parade day we marched down the road following the decorated convertible. We had banners proclaiming our Centennial Birthday, and over 100 helium balloons announcing our presence. The lowly book cart, usually only seen by library visitors as a work tool, was enjoyed in a whole new light as our team did their routines. Claps and cheers followed us along the whole parade route.

      The best part of the whole experience for me was getting the summer staff fires up and having fun together as a group. It was the best summer I can remember in a long time. Less griping, less absenteeism, and less pessimism. Next year maybe we can get those reference librarians out there too!

Check out our web site for pictures! Click on "Backdoor Chats" then click on "WPL PRECISION BOOKCART DRILL TEAM!"

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