ASSOCIATES (vol. 9, no. 2, November 2002) -

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Linda Putnam

I'm not exactly sure how to say goodbye to a job that I have had for 17 years or a profession I have had for 27 years, to friends here in Tallahassee and on the Internet but that is what I am trying to do.

I am in my last few days of working for the Florida State University Library. Not only that but I am in the last few days of working in a Library. It's going to feel kind of strange. I have spent most of my life going to the library every day. Working nights, weekends, holidays, you know how it is, everyone receiving this journal works the same kind of schedule. FSU Library's schedule has changed some since we are now open until 3:00a.m. Sunday through Thursday. Always having to smile at the patrons and asking "How may I help you" when what you want to say is "Go away and leave me alone" Being tactful when the patron asks questions which do not make much sense. It's strange but I do believe I will miss these times.

Now I am going to work in an office at a 9-5 job (my dream job!) with no nights, no weekends, and no holidays. Wow!!!!

You may ask how I found this "dream job" well, I went to the FSU employment page and applied for everything I even remotely qualified for. I applied for about 14 positions before I even got one interview. I did not get that job but I also did not give up. I applied for more positions and then was called for an interview from the first group I had applied for and got the job. The key is "don't give up." "Don't get discouraged" and for goodness sake "don't let them see the book dust in your veins"!

I will be a "Program Assistant" for an FSU Contract. It is the same as an Administrative Assistant on the "outside" (meaning non university job). If you look at the qualifications for most of the Administrative Assistant positions you will find that library employees have most of the qualifications needed for them. The main job of the Administrative assistant is to keep the people around you organized. Who is better at that than a library paraprofessional. We keep the Librarians organized all the time.

I am extremely happy, very nervous, anxious, and almost any other adjective you can think of when getting ready to make such a major change in my life.

I wish each of you luck with your library careers and if you are interested in a job in Florida will even give you a hint that there are a number of openings at all levels of employment at the FSU University Libraries. The pay is not top but is getting better as employees are replaced. If you do decide to join us in Tallahassee, send me a message at:

Goodbye my Internet friends. I will come to the library as a "Patron" some time and ask for the book with the red cover with the picture of a building on the front. (One of my favorite questions which was asked of me.)

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