ASSOCIATES (2011, November, v. 18, no. 2)


What Library Systems are used in your Library?

To assist readers if they would like to have a look at the online catalogs mentioned in the answers we have provided many of the links to either the catalog or to the library webpage.

Corrective Services, NSW

Circulation / Catalog – Destiny. There is a provision for electronic resources to be saved to the catalog. Books and DVDs can be requested via the catalog.

Acquisitions, Serials and Inter Library Loans – open sourced software called Koha.

Kevin Dudeney

Australian Catholic University

All Australian Catholic University (ACU) libraries in Australia (6 campuses) use:
Aleph 500 for circulation, serials, acquisition, ILL, ICL and acquisitions. The link to our catalogue (which is part of Unilinc) is

Janette Telford
Loans Coordinator
North Sydney, NSW

Clark Memorial Library
Shawnee State University

We use Innovative Interfaces product. In our State, it is called Ohiolink. This is used by cataloging, acquisitions, serials and Interlibrary loans. We also use OCLC for ILLs.

University catalogue:
Ohiolink catalog:

Joan Scott
Portsmouth, OH

Detroit Medical Center Library Services

We use Sirsi Dynix Horizon for library holdings, circulation, and serials. We use ILLiad for interlibrary loan. Odyssey and Ariel for document delivery.

Barbara Maynarich
Information Resources Technician
Detroit, MI

Governors State University

We use Voyager from Endeavor. As far as I know we use all modules. The one thing that we haven’t figured out is how to get our university business system so that we can pay bills directly. We have to get them to put money in our acquisitions module so that we can spend it. I really like Voyager and it’s versatility after having used a couple of other systems. It is easy to adapt some of our problem collections like tests and educational textbooks etc. so that we can show the grade levels in the Voyager record.

Susan Bell
Manager, Catalog Department
University Park, IL

MacMillan Law Library
Emory University

ILL is handled using OCLC’s ILLiad. For most traditional ILS functions, we’ve had Sirsi/Dynix’s Unicorn, recently re-named Symphony, since 1994.

In a couple of weeks it will be replaced by Ex Libris’s Aleph ….

Mark Prejsnar
Cataloging and Acquisitions Services
Atlanta, GA

Ossining Public Library

Ossining Public Library, where I work, is part of the 36 library Westchester Library System which uses Sirsi for all its processing and Overdrive for electronic circ.

Helen Chuckrow

Leatherby Libraries
Chapman University

Circulation/catalog/serials/acquisitions- III ERM/A-Z/link resolving- CUFTS/GODOT (hosted)

Daniel Hoyte
Senior Library Systems Technician

Klohn Crippen Berger

My corporate library uses Inmagic’s DB Textworks Genie for OPAC and other databases. We’re just starting to use their Serials module as well. However we’re a funny in-between size so still use cards for circulation! (too big and yet too small to justify barcoding).

Heather Duff
Library Technician
Vancouver, BC

ISRA (Islamic Sciences Research Academy) library Sydney, NSW

The library I am employed uses AMLIB for all transactions.

I have literally, on a volunteer basis, started a library from the ground up for an Islamic University (it has just started as a University). I suggested several LMS’s and we eventually settled on Liberty. It is a limited form at the present, because the University has just begun this year. With all students doing the same subjects they cannot borrow at present, but can scan or photocopy their resources. I have catalogued 700 resources since March and everything is finally on the shelf in Dewey order. I do this on Saturdays.

Shirley Mortara

Mary Livermore Library
The University of North Carolina at Pembroke

Innovative’s Millennium

June Power, MLIS
Access Services/Reference Librarian

Circulation / Catalog / Acquisitions / Serials – Horizon 7.4 by SirsiDynix.

It was originally a Dynix product before the merger of the 2 companies. It’s not well designed for librarians. It’s overly complicated compared to Innovations and LibraryWorld.

Serials – EBSCONET.

Inter Library Loans / Document Delivery – OCLC FirstSearch and Ariel.

Cammie Hardouin

Pioneer Library System

The Pioneer Library System in Upstate New York uses Evergreen.
We used Sirsi for many years and last year made the switch to Evergreen.

Heidi Jensen
Cataloging Assistant
Canandaigua, NY

National Emergency Training Center Library
United States Fire Administration
Emmitsburg, MD

Our library utilizes Cuadra STAR Client as our library system for cataloging, acquisitions, interlibrary loan, serials, circulation and OPAC.

Kim Harbaugh (CTR)
Serials Technician

Salinas Public Library
Salinas, CA

We use Koha at the Salinas Public Library. I will allow others to comment on its pros and cons.

Vanessa Bautista

ENMU-Ruidoso Library
Ruidoso, NM

We are a part of a library consortium and use Millennium software for Cataloging and Circulation. This is put out by Innovative Interfaces Inc. There are modules in this for acquisitions and serials, too. However, the library director does acquisitions by ordering directly from vendors (mostly Amazon) and we don’t catalog serials as we only subscribe to about 40 (due to lack of space). We (I) recycle old issues of periodicals.

We are a small library with holdings of about 2000 volumes and two full-time positions (myself, the library assistant, and the library director.

Barbara Edwards

East Carolina University
Greenville, NC

Our large academic library uses Symphony for Cataloging, Circulation, & Acquisitions.

Jill Gooch

ACT – Autism Community Training
Burnaby, BC

I work in the Family Resource Centre at ACT-Autism Community Training. Part of my job is to make our information web-accessible. We are designing our own small database and publishing it to the web using Joomla.

Vivian Walker
Information Assistant

North Bay Public Library
North Bay, ON

We just started with Evergreen for circulation and cataloguing, serials and acquisitions seem to be up in the air.

We had been using classic Dynix for everything. It was old, but it was easy to use and very stable.

Christine Watson
Library Technician, Adult & Technical Services

Reading Public Library
Reading, Massachusetts

Our library consortium (28 public and academic libraries) currently uses Millenium III (Triple i) – however, we are in training and transition mode for a huge switch in many of the regions in eastern MA. Our system will shut down mid-December, and on January 3, 2012 we go live with Evergreen, an open source platform, for Circulation, Catalog, Cataloging, Serials, and Acquisitions.

In addition we use the Virtual Catalog for statewide interlibrary loans. The Virtual Catalog includes public, academic, school, and special libraries.

Allison Sloan
Senior Library Associate

Newberg Public Library
Newberg, OR

Our 17 library cooperative uses Innovative Interfaces (III) Millennium product that includes circulation/cataloging/serials/acquisitions modules; all material can be requested through the catalog in-house or online remotely. ILL is not part of the system at this time and an ILL software program is not used.

Rea Andrew
Support Services

J. Otto Lottes Health Sciences Library
Columbia, MO

I work in the Circulation Department of the J. Otto Lottes Health Sciences Library in Columbia, Missouri. The library is one of the branch libraries of the University of Missouri, Columbia. We share our cataloging and circulation system with other University of Missouri libraries in Kansas City, St. Louis, and Rolla. The systems (or software) we use are:

Circulation & Cataloging: Millennium by Innovative Interfaces, Inc.

ILL & Document Delivery: ILLiad by OCLC

Frances Rouse
Library Information Assistant

Omaha Public Library
Omaha, NE

Omaha Public Library just switched from Horizon to Millennium.

Leslie McPeck
Senior Clerk

Brockville Public Library
Brockville, ON

We currently are using SirsiDynix but it is possible we may go to another system in the future. We use this system for circulation and cataloguing.

ibistro is our online catalogue that patrons can search from home to see what we have, place holds and check their accounts.

I use VDX for our Interlibrary Loan service

One name being tossed around is Evergreen for our possible new system in the future.

Library Technician/ILLO Manager

The University of Alabama
W.S. Hoole Special Collections Library
Tuscaloosa, AL

Circulation/Catalog/Acquisitions – Voyager modules

Inter-library loan – ILLiad

Allyson Holliday
Library Asst. III

ISNA High School
Mississauga, ON

In my school library, I use Resourcemate for Cataloguing and Circulation. I don’t use anything for Acquisitions and I’m working on getting Resourcemate’s Web Search installed for catalogue searching. My library is fairly new so I’ve got a lot of things to do to make it better.

Amna Hussain

La Cité collégiale
Ottawa (ON)

In our college library, we use SirsiDynix for cataloguing, and circulation. Our catalogue is through OCLC (Ontario Colleges Library Service). We handle interlibrary loan requests manually. We order our books directly or online. We order our periodicals direct or through three subscription agencies (Express Mag, Rabais Campus and Ebsco Canada).

Lyne Charron

University of Cincinnati Libraries
Donald C. Harrison Health Sciences Library

We use III (Innovative Interfaces) for our OPAC as do all Ohio Libraries that are part of Ohiolink. Millennium is the Tech Side. I utilize many modules in Millennium in my work including (but not limited to) Serials Checkin, Claiming, Rapid Update, & List Creation.

Inter-Library Loan / Document Delivery also uses ILLIAD & DOCLINE.

Carol Feustel
Journals / Collection Services / Document Delivery / Inter-Library Loan.

Jackson County Public Library
Seymour, IN

Evergreen Indiana: a consortium of libraries with a shared database and catalogue.

Beth Duncan
Tech Services Asst.


We use SirsiDynix, SYMPHONY system. We hate it! We have been through so much training. It just is not a system for school libraries. Horizon was a superior system. Everyday tasks are made complicated.