ASSOCIATES (2013, November, v. 20, no. 2)


News from Canada

Karen Hildebrandt
CLA Executive Council

It’s hard to believe that I am nearing the end of my term on the CLA Executive Council. The two years have gone by so quickly. I’ve learned so much and had some amazing experiences along the way. I’ve been taken out of my comfort zone and survived. There isn’t a better way to learn about the organization or association except for getting involved.

Our newly elected executive council takes over the reins at the beginning of January and LTAN will also be looking for a new moderator as Kathy Heney steps down after providing two great years of leadership to our network.

I will be transitioning from 1st VP/President-Elect to President on the Library Association of Alberta (LAA) Board at the end of April 2014. I’m hoping that the experiences from CLA will enable me to provide good leadership during my one year term as LAA’s President.

So what else is new in Canada?

October was Canadian Library Month with activities taking place in libraries throughout Canada. Canadian Library Support Workers Day was celebrated on October 18. It was wonderful having a day which recognizes the valuable contributions support staff make in our libraries.

Library associations across the country have been partnering with the archive associations in encouraging our Federal Government to appoint an Archivist or Librarian as head of Library and Archives Canada. We are hoping that they will respond positively to the recommendations that were presented to them.

It seems that no sooner are we finished a conference when the planning for the next one takes place and this is certainly the case for our Provincial and National Library Associations. The CLA 69th Conference will be taking place in the beautiful city of Victoria, BC May 28 – 31, 2014. With a destination this beautiful, how you can you not want to attend! Victoria was my very first CLA Conference in 2004 so I’m especially looking forward to my return visit.