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July 2018 (Vol. 25, no. 1)

From the Editor

This issue of Associates will be the last for one of our regular contributors, Karen Hildebrandt. Karen will be retiring soon and felt it was time to let someone else write the ‘News From Canada’ article. Our new contributor from Canada is Andrew Plait.

Thank you Karen and welcome Andrew.


Be It Ever So Humble … by Sue Knoche
We have read a lot about Sue and her bucket list. For this issue Sue crosses off a couple more.


Reader Response
Does your library run outreach programs? If so, would you tell us about it. If not, you might know of a library that does and you can tell us about what they do.
We had four responses to the question. The outreach programs being conducted by these libraries are excellent in providing library services and information to many people in their communities who are unable to visit the library.

News from Canada by Karen Hildebrandt
Karen shares her personal reflexions about retiring, provides a brief bio on Andrew and what is happening in the Canada and some of the provinces.

Setting Your Chakras & Libraries by Allison Sloan
Allison tells us how she occasionally uses yoga to help her with the working day.


Clearing up history can be dangerous! – A Kelly Bourne Story by Jim Jackson
Continuing Kelly Bourne’s adventures working in a library.


An Encyclopedia for Those of Us Who are Emoji Challenged by Michael D. Brooks
For our readers who just don’t get emojis. Michael gives us a helping hand.