ASSOCIATES (2018, November, v. 25, no. 2)


What’s Associates to you?

Allison Sloan
Senior Library Associate
Reading Public Library
Reading, MA, USA

Welcome to Associates : The Electronic Library Support Staff Journal, started in 1994 and published three times a year in March, July and November

Well, you’re reading this, so you already know that much. But I’ve been thinking about what we don’t know about Associates, the behind the scenes stuff that makes it all work. Kind of like that hidden underground city at Disney World, where the real magic happens so that above ground is fun and amazing. Just like Associates.

First, as most people know, your Editor (in chief) is Kevin Dudeney. Kevin is a Library Technician, with the NSW Dept. of Corrective Services, working out of Sydney, Australia. Kevin also gets the credit for establishing an international elist for library support staff called : LATIN (please do not ask me what that stands for. Thanks for not asking.) It’s interesting that a paralibrarian from ALIA manages Associates. Kevin’s dedication and vision turned Associates into an international journal. Of course the digital world and www enabled worldwide communication, and Kevin took the lead to bring library support staffers into an international discussion. It’s been fascinating to learn how the mission and passion for library work is shared, and to learn about the differences too.

Jim Clark is Kevin’s cohort and Associates Publication Editor, who works as a Library Assistant at the University of California, Riverside Library, USA. Jim is the tech guy whose computers host the data for the newsletter website. He (in layperson’s terminology) publishes, distributes and archives Associates. I recently had the opportunity to talk to Jim, and confirm his commitment to the project. He makes it sound easy. We’re lucky to have him on board. Since its inception Associates has been hosted on the UC system but to ensure long term reliability we are looking into alternate options. If you have any ideas or contacts to make this happen, please talk to Kevin.

Then there are the excellent paralibrarians, worldwide, who serve on the Associates Editorial Board. Updates to the web page are in progress – this is the kind of behind the scenes work that makes Associates a professional and shiny site to visit. To reach a member of the Editorial Staff, or to join the Editorial Staff, or find locations and emails to talk to any of us, go to “Contacts” on the Associates website.

I’m sure each of us has a story to tell about how we met Kevin and how he recruited us to participate in Associates. My introduction to Kevin was at the ALA Conference in Washington D.C. in 2010 when I was thrilled to accept the award from Library Journal as Paralibrarian of the Year. He impressed me immediately that he traveled across the globe to attend the conference. And last year he gave me the opportunity to travel half way across the world to Sydney to participate in the National Library and Information Technicians Symposium, along with two wonderful paralibrarians: Sue Knoche (Tennessee), and Karen Hilderbrandt (Canada).

So? What’s Associates to you? It’s an international group of fascinating library staffers who communicate, share ideas, jump into the conversation to enhance library services and unite Library Support Staff, Library Technicians, and Paralibrarians. It’s our newsletter. Mine and yours. Share it, enjoy it, contribute to it. I look forward to visiting with you through the digital world of Associates.