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March 2020 (Vol. 26, no. 3)

From the Editor

For many of us we are entering an unprecedented time in our lives. Our libraries are closed, our children’s schools are closed and our partners may have their working hours reduced or their employment may be closed. With social distancing, or self-isolation we are all spending a lot more time at home. Look for ways to make the most of this challenging time, listen to the expert advice, stay safe and take care.


Reader Response
Have you read or are you reading a biography or autobiography recently? If so, would you like to tell the readers the title and also mention a little known fact from the book. Would you also mention who the book is about, as sometimes their name is not included in the title and subtitle.
It would appear biographies and autobiographies are not the books that our readers are into at the moment as we got zero responses.

A Globe Trotter Retirement by Sue Knoche
Continuing the travelling theme Sue tells us about her first couple of months after retirement.

News from Canada by Andrew Plait
There is a lot happening across Canada and Andrew does his best to let us know about it.

The Panama Canal and Covid-19 by Allison Sloan
Allison tells us about her enjoyable cruise before the full realisation of what should or shouldn’t be doing.


The Chair by Jim Jackson
As the title indicates this a short story about a special chair.


Cyndi Maccluggage – University Cataloger, Harrison Libraries, University of Hartford, West Hartford, Connecticut.
Kathy Rossello – Technical Services, East Greenbush Community Library, East Greenbush, New York.


You’ll Wonder How You Ever Lived Without This Google App by Michael D. Brooks
Michael reviews an App that can assist you in managing some aspects of your busy work life.


New York State Library Assistants’ Association 42nd Annual Conference, June 10-12, 2020, Cobleskill, NY http://www.nyslaa.org/conference.html