ASSOCIATES (2020, November, v. 27, no. 2)


In what ways does your service operate differently than it did in November 2019?

Awesome question, thanks! I look forward to reading everybody’s answers.

Here’s mine:

I am on the Resource Acquisition and Description Team at an academic library. We are going back and forth between virtual, hybrid, and live classes. The biggest way changes in our service impact me is that we are ordering mostly online resources. We are ordering more e-books and streaming videos instead of print books and DVDs. This is to support our online students and faculty. We are ordering fewer resources total, but because the e-resources are more time consuming to order, I actually have more work to do.

Jennifer James
IUPUI University Library
Indianapolis, USA

Instead of actively trying to create community, and encouraging students to gather in the library, we are asking them to pre-book study spaces, stay distant from one another, keep their masks on, and leave when class is done. It is sad and discouraging to see the library get less and less use after years of trying to create a “hangout space” vibe for students to study together!

Karina Dunn
Vanguard College
Edmonton, Alberta, CA

I work at Boulder Labs library in Boulder, Colorado. This is a federal library belonging to NOAA and supports NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and NTIA (National Telecommunications and Information Administration). Boulder Labs is a research facility with approximately 1,200 scientists and 700 support personnel.

We refers to all staff.

November 2020 vs. November 2019
In November of 2019 we had no idea our work and lives were about to be turned upside down and sideways.
By November of 2020 we had our world turned upside down and sideways.
We survived learning how to telework, avoided COVID19.
We had one cancer diagnosis (me) with surgery, 24 hours of chemotherapy in 6 sessions, and I am now in remission.
We have a different library director.
We are totally online and work remotely.
We are still able to provide ILL services to our patrons.
We are still able to provide bibliometrics services to our patrons.
We still provide library updates for the weekly bulletin.
We attend more library webinars.
We attend more inclusion and diversity training webinars, then discuss at the stand up.
We meet every morning for a stand up at 8:30 where we start with announcements, then each employee states what they will work on that day. Sometimes we include what we worked on or finished the previous day.
Every Monday the library director’s supervisor meets with us and gives up updates on COVID19, building occupancy (10-12%), reintegration, etc.
Three of us work together to return technical reports from my house back to the library and bring new technical reports to my house so that I can perform the only portion of my job that I can do remotely. Due to age, COVID and cancer this is necessary and we make it work seamlessly.
We learned how little we need in the way of equipment to still be able to perform our job duties.
We have created tutorials and slide deck presentations for employees and posted them on our library website
We have more freedom to attend remote conferences, webinars, etc.
We have saved a bundle of money because we don’t have to pay for transportation or hotels to attend online conferences.
We still have monthly staff meetings separate from the daily stand up
The library director meets one on one with the entire staff twice monthly in a tag up to update, address concerns, just chat, etc.
I feel closer to my co-workers as I see and talk to them every day.
I work in tech services, so it is nice to know what the rest of the staff is working on and to sometimes see the results of their labors.
I have more appreciation for my co-workers. This is the first time in my 10 years of working here that I know what my co-workers do on a daily basis.

Diann Cullen
Boulder Labs Library