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November 2021 (Vol. 28, no. 2)

From the Editor

I would like to thank all of this year’s contributors: Allison for her articles and poem, Michael for his reviews, Andrew for his Canadian news, and everyone who participated in our Reader Responses.

I would also like to thank Jim, who looks after our website. Associates would not exist without him.

To all our readers I would like to wish you a good Festive Season and a happy New Year and all the best for 2022.


Reader Response
Have you ever had a book or short story published?
We didn’t get a large response to the question. However, it is good to see a couple of our readers have had some books and poems published.

News from Canada by Andrew Plait
Andrew updates us about what is/has happened since our last issue of Associates.

Being a Public Library Trustee… by Allison Sloan
What started out as an article about Library Trustees ends up as a poem.


The Hidden Library – A Kelly Bourne story by Jim Jackson
This is the second part of the Kelly Bourne story of our last issue.


An Easy-to-Use Encyclopedia of Technical Terms (and Not-so-Technical) by Michael D. Brooks
When you see an unfamiliar word or term on your computer screen this website will be able to tell you what has happened.