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Letters To The Editor

Date: 07/26/2002
Subject: Display of Associates in Netscape

The web site does not display properly in Netscape, only in Internet Explorer. All that will display are the title and the publication date information. My library is standardized on Netscape. Please reformat so that we can all read it.



[Editor: I am sorry about this, but I do not have much control over how Associates will display on our subscribers’ screens. I can remove the background color and change the font, if that would help people. Also, I have no control over the software that my library provides; I am restricted to whatever versions are provided to me. We do test the publication in both Netscape and Explorer before we allow access to the web page. I am concerned about this problem, however. Are other subscribers having this problem? If so, please contact the editor at]


Date: 07/26/2002
Subject: Permission request

Hi Wendee

I have just read the latest Associates and congratulations on an interesting release. I loved Sylvia Skene's and Tinker Massey's articles and am contacting you to request permission to forward these on to the Australian Library Technician list (Libtec) along with the information about subscribing to Associates.

Look forward to hearing from you

… I have also asked Sylvia for permission to reprint part of her writings in our about to be launched National LT newsletter. This will be a simple web page on the Australian Library and Information Association website ( I will also provide details there about subscribing to Associates.


[Editor: Associates is always delighted to grant permission to reprint articles or subscribing information. We request that the author and Associates be given credit in the reprint. Thank you! Also, good luck on launching your National LT newsletter.]


Date: 07/30/2002
Subject: Associates 'magazine'

Hello Wendee,
Just a note in response to reading the July issue of Associates.

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate having such a high quality, informative, professionally written journal solely devoted to the support staff. Sometimes I read the Library Journal or American Libraries, knowing that the intended audience is the professional librarian. But, after reading the July issue, I am reminded again how we have a journal now that relates and is totally devoted to support staff, their interests, and events that enrich our lives.

[Editor: from all our contributors, we say 'thank you.']


Date: 09/04/2002
Subject: Ohio Library Council Annual Conference

Hello. I'm the current Coordinator of the Supportive Staff Division of the Ohio Library Council. In October we will be having our annual conference. Our division "Supportive Staff" will be having a display table of helpful hints, tips, and information for supportive staff. I'm asking permission to print off parts of your electronic library support staff page to have as a handout along with the information subscription page. If this is o.k., please let me know via email. Thank you for your prompt reply.


[Editor: We would be delighted to have Associates as part of your information/display table at your annual conference. Please feel free to provide any Associates information. Thank you for your inquiry and support!]


Date: 09/11/2002
Subject: Advertising in Associates

Dear Wendee,

I am writing to you in your capacity as editor-in-chief of Associates: The Electronic Library Support Staff Journal. I would like to advertise my website to library support staff. Does your electronic journal accept paid advertisements? If so, please let me know your advertising rates. Thank you.



[Editor: The University of California supports the Associates web page and I have been advised that fee-based advertising is prohibited. Thank you for your offer. (See Sam's article on Job Exchanges and Mentoring for Library Support Staff in this issue for an interesting article.)]


Date: 10/23/2002
Subject: Your journal title

I am the coordinator for the Library and Information Technology Program at Sacramento City College. It looks like you've put together a nice resource, but I find the title a bit confusing. Have you ever thought of changing it to "Associates - the Electronic Journal for Library Support Staff?" I think it would be a little clearer.

Just a thought.


[Editor: Thank you for writing about the title of Associates. Yes, you are correct--it does seem to me that the subtitle has a misplaced modifier and would be better if it was "electronic journal for library support staff." I can hear the groan of all serials catalogers if the title were to be changed. When and if a new Editor takes over Associates, I will certainly mention your recommendation.]


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