ASSOCIATES (vol. 8 no. 2, November 2001) -

Feng Shui or Your Way:
How Does Your Office Motivate You?


Carrie Phillips
Computer Technician/Reference & ILL Assistant
Musselman Library
Bluffton College
Bluffton, Ohio

On a Friday morning not long ago, I discovered a small American flag at home and decided that I would bring it in to my office and add it to the collection of items on my desk that keep me going... keep me motivated to get my work done each day. This collection of items represents, among other things, who I am, who my friends are, what I do, what I believe in, and how I entertain myself. As I poked the stick "flagpole" of my little vinyl USA flag into a mound of poster putty on the hutch of my desk, I surveyed the other items it had joined on my desk and nearby wall:

I'm a member of LIBSUP-L, an email discussion list I'm sure many ASSOCIATES readers are also members of, and that Friday I decided to ask the list members what "stuff" they have on their desks to keep them excited and motivated throughout the day (and night, for some) in their offices. After receiving an overwhelming response to my post, and after consulting with the editors of ASSOCIATES, I decided to compile a list of all of the items to share with all of you. So, here goes nothing!

Many folks mentioned how their backs were facing the door or doorway to their offices and cubicles. We've all now been enlightened to the "Feng Shui mirror" -- a rear-view mirror for your desk. No more sneak attacks from coworkers trying to play with your Rubics cube or yo-yo!

Other responders have added furniture to their offices for the specific purpose of holding and displaying their knickknacks.

Another creative list member fashioned the "information superhighway" out of barcode sheet border. Around it she has placed moons, stars, cacti, headers from collectible stamp sheets, and city skylines from discarded book jackets. Yet another described a famous (or infamous?) "wall" of, well, "attractive" pictures that is on display in a staff workroom. Several folks mentioned how they hoped the fire marshal would never come to their offices for an inspection!

So, what is in YOUR office that motivates you? Make your workspace a fun place to be!

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