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SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 was the first day of a new era in American life. You can almost say in the life of the world because terrorists attacked American on America's own soil. This attack came without warning and without provocation. It was an attack designed to demoralize the citizens of the United States and throw us all into a confused mess so that more attacks could be carried out and more terror unleashed on the American public.

Fortunately for us lowly Americans, the ones who planned the attack did not know what they were doing. They only saw us as a debauched, and disgusting society with no moral fiber. They did not see the backbone that runs through this nation. The strength and greatness deeply embedded in our inner beings. They had no idea that they would be rousing the "Sleeping Giant".

On September 11th we saw this greatness in the Fire Department and Police Department Personnel who went into the buildings and saved over 20,000 people by getting them out of the buildings before they collapsed. We saw heroes' who carried the handicapped and wounded down the stairs to safety. We saw hero's who died when the building collapsed.

I learned today that the first bombs dropped on Afghanistan had the following words written on them: "for the Policemen in New York" and "for the Firefighters in New York."

I get all choked up when I here about everything that has happened and what is happening now but I work in a library and I am not allowed to let emotion rule my day. My job is to provide information from all points of view, not just my own.

Below are listed, (in no particular order), the websites I have found which deal with the attacks, the recovery from the attacks, how to help our children understand what we do not fully understand ourselves. It also has information about Islam and a Pakistani newspaper. It includes information about Biological warfare considering what has happened in Florida. No one knows where this attack came from.

Not every site has been listed. It would be impossible to list all of them. All I can say is that I did my best not to be too obvious as to where my loyalties lie. I won't even tell you that I still wear my red, white and blue ribbon.

In addition to all the sites listed remember that many of the government sites like Dept. of Transportation and Dept. of Defense, etc. will have good information about the attacks as well.
For those of you researching and doing background on air disasters, there are reliable resources at It has an entire section on airline disasters.
Blood Donations
Blood Donations.
The folks at the Poynter Institute (a highly respected organization in journalism) has compiled this .pdf of front pages from 50 newspaper "special editions" published on Tuesday. More quality material here:
Materials include governor proclamations and condemnations of gas price gouging. It doesn't include every state.
Donations are also being accepted on United Way of New York City's Web site.
FBI tip Web site
Helping Children Deal With Scary News -- Thoughts from Fred Rogers "With the recent terrorist events in the news, we've been thinking about our neighbors, and we wanted to share with you some things that Fred Rogers has offered families and caregivers at similar times. We hope these comments will be helpful for you. Like you, all of us here at Family Communications, Inc. are grieving for those whose lives have been tragically affected
Newton, MA - September 12, 2001 /Xpress Press/ - A new one-stop Internet destination launched today at to help parents, educators, and community members learn how to respond to the horrific terrorist attacks.
Nationally recognized child psychologist DR. ROBERT KLINE is immediately available for comment and interview on the crises related topics. He offers EMERGENCY TIPS FOR PARENTS.
CNN NEWSROOM and are highly experienced in covering sensitive topics for students; we urge you to go to for continuing coverage of the story that is written especially for the classroom, as well as Discussion/Activities and Lesson Plans.
This site called "Children and Violence (Current Topics in Psychology: Adolescence)" has several links and resources that should lend a hand to parents and educators wishing to help their children understand and cope with the tragedy:
Terrorism and the Classroom How can we deal with the issues surrounding these horrendous acts of terrorism that have occurred in New York and Washington? Here are some strategies to help your students get a handle on the situation.
Terrorism Resources. Use these resources and information to help you learn about and deal with terrorism at home and in your classroom.
Geography Want some ideas and online information to help you teach students about the rest of
the world? Use these wonderful geography resources.
Dealing With Trauma and Terrorists "Students take their cue on how to act from their parents and
teachers. I would like to open a dialogue on how teachers deal with terrible trauma such as these
latest terrorists acts in their classroom." Share your techniques and ideas.
In light of recent events, AskERIC has compiled a list of resources for educators and parents to
help students cope with and discuss this tragedy.
A list of World Trade Center tenants is available.
As families, neighbors and teachers try to comfort each other, we are all trying to find the right
words, specially in talking with the children we care for. Connect for Kids has gathered a few good
resources for adults to help children with their fears and grief.
To see materials related to the tragedy. CNN Student Bureau CNN Student Bureau reporters
from across the U.S. are submitting video and text stories to be aired on CNN Newsroom, the
network's daily education program for classrooms, and on
The London papers report that the terrorists asked passengers to call relatives to report the crime..
London newspaper front page .
Paris newspapers report (in French)
Moscow newspapers report (in English)
This site is dedicated to the victims and heroes of this Cowardly Terrorist Act who destroyed the
twin towers at 1 world trade center in Manhattan
Resources dealing with the attacks.
Helping Children Cope: Teacher Resources for Talking About Tragedy - As the United States
deals over the next few days with the aftermath of the worst terrorist attack in its history -- which
included several skyjackings, the destruction of the World Trade Center in New York City, and an
explosion at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. -- teachers will play a critical role in how children
handle these events. Education World has compiled a list of Web sites to help teachers discuss
these tragedies with students. Included: Links to Web resources for helping children cope with
These photographs on the website immediately listed below speak for themselves. The World
Mourns the Tragedy of September 11, 2001
"Locate nearly any place on Earth, find country facts, and search and print historical, weather,
and population maps, and more with our dynamic atlas."
In Memory of All Those Who Lost Their Lives September 11, 2001 A beautiful, tastefully done,
patriotically inspiring site!
You can make a tiny US Flag to fly on your automobile antenna.
In response to these attacks, United Way and The New York Community Trust have established
The September 11th Fund. Your contribution will be used to help respond to the immediate and
longer-term needs of the victims, their families, and communities affected by the events of
September 11. Please note, 100% of your contribution will be used to support these efforts.
United Way and The New York Community Trust are underwriting all administrative costs.
The non-profit organization FireDonations has established the New York Firefighter 9-11 Disaster
Relief Fund to assist the families of the firefighters who fell during their valiant attempts to assist
Community members during the World Trade Center tragedy. Donations can be made online
(using the form on the site), by phone (at 1-253-274-0424), or by mail (to the address provided on
the site).
Red Cross National disaster fund. We hope that you feel a part of the work that we are doing
from our canteens on site at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and in rural Pennsylvania,
along with being alongside those in our counseling centers who are reaching out to family
members and relief workers.
The purpose of the World Trade Center Relief Fund is to assist the families and dependents of the
victims of the September 11th terrorist attacks. This fund is for the benefit of all victims both
injured and deceased, including innocent civilians, the dedicated firefighters, policemen, Port
Authority officers, Emergency Medical Personnel and relief workers. After the monetary needs of
these affected people have been addressed, consideration may be given to other related relief and
recovery expenses.
As part of our continuing effort to assist reporters in their coverage of the U.S. terrorist attack,
Xpress Press has compiled the list of sources below. These resources have been supplied as a
public service.
This information, originally intended for journalists from the Detroit Free Press, has a great deal of
useful information for your students: 100 Questions and Answers about Arab Americans
Most of the major news sites are providing coverage on bin Laden and his history. These are worth looking at.>
CNN's Coverage of America's New War.
Tragic Events of September 11, Resources for Teachers
Get Your FREE Remembrance pin just send a SASE to get yours FREE
An excellent reference for all of the rumors (both true and false, including some urban legends)
that have been raised since the World Trade Center tragedy.
RESOURCE DESCRIPTION: World Trade Center Tribute -- Virtual Greetings is a growing
collection of virtual greeting cards created and designed by Roz Fruchtman -- Graphics
Schmaphics Judaic Greetings and Graphics -- in honor of the September 11, 2001 attack on
New York City's World Trade Center and the Nation's Capital.
The Adopt a platoon Soldier Support Effort is a non profit organization that links moms,
grandmothers, families, pen-pals, and other organizations such as schools, synagogues,
churches, scouts, 4-H-Clubs, companies (employees can also individually adopt a soldier etc.) to
deployed soldiers.
Authoritative chronology of Sept 11 events.,1636,100-412,00.shtml
"Attack and a more detailed chronology".
On September 20, 2001 at the National Press Club in Washington, more than 150 organizations,
300 law professors, and 40 computer scientists expressed support for the declaration "In
Defense of Freedom" and encourage all who wish to preserve their rights and freedoms to sign
USA Magnetic Flag Idea Sticks as Patriotism Spreads Across Country
When Tragedy Impacts Education ... In response to the terrorist attacks, ASCD has compiled
resources on dealing with the impact of tragedy on our schools and children. Not only are our
nation's children coping with crisis and grief, but our school communities, as elsewhere, are
being confronted with issues of intolerance. These resources focus on dealing with tragedy and
intolerance, and include links to articles, book excerpts and the Web sites of other education,
health and tolerance organizations.
Frontline "investigates Osama Bin Laden, his Network, and his role in the terrorist attacks on
CSICOP Tracks Misinformation and Hoaxes in the Wake of the Terrorist Attacks.
"The Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding fosters the study of Muslim-Christian relations
and promotes dialogue between the two great religions."
At Eastern Michigan University we have had so many demands from faculty and students
questioning how the NY and DC attacks are related to the religion of Islam that we wrote a few
paragraphs to relieve the Campus, answering many questions, and explaining the basic
principles of Islam.
"Comprehensive portal to Terrorism sites on the Web. Features an extensive directory of
Terrorism sites, a 'Best of the Web' section, message boards, helpful links and more. the
Pakistan's most widely circulated English language newspaper. Updated round-the-clock, with a
major update before 10:00 PST (05:00 GMT).
A very detailing and alarming paper on the cause and effects of biological warfare agents.

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