ASSOCIATES (vol. 1, no. 2, November 1994) -

Table of Contents

                      THE PAPERLESS SOCIETY
                          Linda Putnam
               Senior Library Technical Assistant
                        Documents Library
                    Florida State University
As we move into the paperless society, there are more and more
journals, magazines and newsletters which are being published on
the Internet.  This column will concentrate on describing a variety
of those available through e-mail and those on the Internet and
WWW.  Also included is a list called E-ZINE.  E-ZINE is a listserv
for keeping up with electronic magazines.
****VERY IMPORTANT****  When subscribing to any of the following
journals, make sure that, in place of the words "your name", you
actually type your name.  For example, if I wanted to subscribe to
the ejournal described below, I would send a message to
listserv@albany.bitnet but the message would be SUB EJRNL LINDA
_EJOURNAL_ is a peer-reviewed academic periodical particularly
interested in the theory and practice surrounding the creation,
transmission, storage, interpretation, alteration and replication
of electronic text.  It is also interested in the broader social,
psychological, literary, economic and pedagogical implications of
computer-mediated networks.
To subscribe, send message to: listserv@albany.bitnet
Subscription message: sub ejrnl 
Back issues:listserv@albany.bitnet
Back issue message: get ejrnl contents
Submissions: ejournal@albany.bitnet
computing, security, politics, the underground, humor, editorials,
news and more.  This is one of the more popular new electronic
To subscribe, send a message to:
Comments to the editors should be sent to:
Back issues are available via ftp at:
Finger info: and
[Note: the following journal needs a password and login to access.
Remember, .com stands for commercial, so they may charge.  The
_DAVE PEYTON'S PLACE_.  This newsletter will be featuring life in
the Appalachian region.  You can reach Dave Peyton's Place at URL:
_INTERTEXT MAGAZINE_ is a free, online, bi-monthly fiction
magazine.  It publishes material ranging from mainstream stories to
fantasy to horror to science fiction to humor.  Intertext reaches
thousands of readers on six continents and is in its fourth year of
To subscribe, send message to:
Back issues:         in /intertext
             gopher:        in zines/intertext
_RISK FORUM_ is a newsletter which expounds upon some of the risks
involved in the NII.  Some of the topics previously covered are
industrial espionage, data escape from prison, and e-mail stalking.
To subscribe, send message
Back issues: ftp:
that explores the diverse world of performance.  It emphasizes the
intercultural inter-disciplinary and spans numerous geographical
areas and historical periods.  TDR addresses performance issues of
every kind: theater, music, dance, entertainment, media, sports,
politics, aesthetics of everyday life, games, play and ritual.  It
is for people in the performing arts, the social sciences,
academics, activists and theorists.
Available issues at: (port 2100)
                     gopher menu: North America/USA/general/The
                     Electronic Newsstand/all titles/TDR: The Drama
PROFESSIONALS_ is a forum on library and information issues with
most of its work printed in Spanish.
To subscribe, send message to:
Subscription message: subscribe IWETEL 
_CYBERKIND_ features prose and art submitted by the Internet
population.  All genres and subjects are included  as long as there
is some connection to the Internet, cyberspace, computers or the
networked work in general.
Issues available at:
Send submissions to
_SCOUT REPORT_ is a weekly publication offered by InterNIC
Information Services.  It is geared to the research and education
community but anyone is welcome to subscribe.  Included in the
report are new and newly-discovered online resources, network news,
and bits of net culture.
To subscribe, send message
Subscription message: subscribe scout-report
Back issues: gopher://
_DO-IT NEWS_.   DO-IT News (Disabilities, Opportunities,
Internetworking and Technology) is a program designed to recruit
and retain high school students with disabilities into science,
engineering and mathematics.  Braille, large print, electronic or
tape formats are available.
To subscribe, send message to:
_NETWORKS AND COMMUNITY_ is a newsletter dealing with community
networks, freenets, etc.
To subscribe, send message to:
Subscription message: subscribe 
Back issues:
_CURRENT CITES_.  Focussing on the developing network's impact on
education, the editors have selected a well-balanced set of papers
by authors with national reputations.
To subscribe, send message to:
Subscription message: sub cites 
Back issues:
_TELETIMES_.  International Teletimes is a monthly online magazine
which has an unusually human content.  You will find such themes as
education, human rights, creative writing, and sports and leisure.
It has regular columns such as Keepers of Light (photography), the
Latin Quarter (news commentary from Mexico), the Wine Enthusiast
and Cuisine as well as an arts and entertainment section.
To subscribe, send message to:
     [Note: even though this is a .com file (commercial), it is a
     free journal.]
Subscription message: subscribe teletimes
Back issues:htp:
_ALAWON_  is an electronic publication of the American Library
Association Washington office.
To subscribe, send message to:
Subscription message: subscribe ala-wo 
Back issues message: send ala-wo filelist
_BITS AND BYTES_ gives a selection of short summaries of technology
information and where it can be found.  It keeps you up-to-date on
the everchanging world of electronic information.
To subscribe, send message to:
Subscription message: subscribe bits-and-bytes
Back issues:
    in the Electronic Journals Directory
_EPIC ALERT_ is published by the Electronic Privacy Information
Center, founded in 1994 to focus public attention on emerging
privacy issues relating to the National Information Infrastructure
such as the Clipper Chip, the Digital Telephone proposal, medical
record privacy, and the sale of consumer data.
To subscribe, send message to:
Subscription message: subscribe cpsr-announce 
This is a newsletter for faculty, students and practitioners in the
field of information systems.  INFOSYS publishes news items,
requests for assistance, announcements of professional meetings and
conferences, position notices, a calendar of upcoming events,
comments on recent publications, abstracts of papers that authors
are willing to share and other items of interest to the information
systems community.
To subscribe, send message to:
Subscription message: subscribe infosys 
_GLOSAS NEWS_ contains information dealing with the practical
applications of telecommunications in education, with particular
emphasis on global cooperative gaming, simulation, and educational
exchanges as well as initiatives to broaden network access on a
global scale.  The ultimate objective is to see the establishment
of the Global (electronic) University offering universal access to
quality education.
To subscribe, send message to:
Subscription message: sub glosas 
pointers to telecommunications and networking resources, both in
print and electronic.  Resources will include books, articles,
serials, discussion lists, software, training materials and other
items of interest to professionals.
Issues available: gopher:
_CAUSE: CAMPUS WATCH_ is produced to share news concerning
effective management of information resources and technology in
higher education, with stories about IT-related projects of note on
college and university campuses.  The newsletter includes a forum
for colleague information exchange called "Campus Connections".
To subscribe, send message to:
Subscription message: subscribe campuswatch
_EFFECTOR ONLINE_ is a publication of the Electronic Frontier
Foundation.  This foundation believes that individuals should be
able to ensure the privacy of their personal communications through
any technological means they choose.  EFF is working to make sure
that you are the ones who make the decisions about the development
and commercial availability of strong encryption in the US.  They
believe the best way to protect your rights is to be fully
To subscribe, send message to:
Subscription message: subscribe effector-online
And, finally, as promised, _E-ZINE LIST_, a summary of
electronically accessible magazines.  It includes information as to
what they are, who puts them out, and where you can find them.  In
most cases, descriptions are excerpted from the masthead of the
zine listed.
A notice about new editions of this list is posted to the following
mailing lists:
A full ASCII text version is automatically posted every three weeks
to the following USENET groups:
It can also be obtained via anonymous ftp from in
/pub/zines as "e-zine list", via gopher at
as "e-zine list", and via World Wide Web at http: