ASSOCIATES (vol. 2, no. 2, November 1995) -

Table of Contents

                        THE INTERNET GURU


                          Dr. Brad Eden
                         NEEDS Cataloger
                           Houston, TX

There are many different Web guides and pages devoted to
assisting and helping new Internet users surf the myriad maze of
the Internet.  This issue will provide a list of these guides,
and should be great exploring material for both new and
experienced Internet users, as well as assist those of you who
are responsible for Internet training. (A word of warning: some
of these addresses have had link-up problems).

  Explore the Internet Now

  IPL Classroom

  Internet for the Beginners

  Internet Learner's Page

  Internet Resources on the Web

  The Newbie's Guide to the Net

  Ride the e-Train (University of Illinois at Chicago class)

  EARN's Guide to Network Resource Tools

  GlobalCenter Web Internet Tour

  EFF's (Extended) Guide to the Internet (Formerly Big Dummy's

  Internet Survival Skills

  The Internet: An Overview and Bibliography

  The Online World Handbook

  Web Training (The White House program)

  Starting to use the Web

  Intro to the Internet

  Entering the World Wide Web: A Guide to Cyberspace

  Internet Tools

Let me recommend to everyone a set of approximately 26 lessons
geared for librarians on using the Internet that just finished
running in October.  It is called BCK2SKOL, and is intended for
librarians who want a concise and accurate description of all
aspects of the Internet.  To obtain an index of these lessons,
send an e-mail message to:


and include as the text of your mail message the command:

             index bck2skol f=mail

To receive each of the lessons in your e-mail, send the
following command to the same listserv:

             get bck2skol 95-00001 f=mail
             get bck2skol 95-00002 f=mail
                    (and etc.)

Have fun exploring all of these sites!!