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                         INFO FROM THE SUPERHIGHWAY

                            The Power of Words


                               Linda Putnam
                    Senior Library Technical Assistant
                             Document Library
                         Florida State University

As library professionals and paraprofessionals, our days are
filled with the need to communicate effectively with each other
and with our patrons.  Whether we are telling stories to children
or speaking in a meeting with co-workers, we need to be able to
express our ideas with clarity and keep our audience's attention.

Each of us should be diligent in working to increase our
knowledge of words, their uses and their meanings.  We can do
this and increase the interest of our audience by using colorful
and expressive language.  This is accomplished by increasing our
word power and the effective use of quotations, metaphors, etc.
Sometimes even puns which elicit groans can be an effective tool
to use with your audience.

These same techniques can be used whether we are involved in a
reference interview, a workshop, a symposium or just the normal
day-to-day communication with our patrons and our peers.  This
column is designed to help each of us locate and use WORDS in the
wonderful world of the Internet.



WORDPLAY-L on - A Way With Words

WordPlay-L is an unmoderated electronic discussion list that
deals with the usage of words and phrases in the English
language, including vocabulary, grammar, spelling and
pronunciation.  Participants will have a chance to debate
controversial wordings or phrasings and explore the origins of
English idioms.  The list is open to all literary enthusiasts
from the purist to the slang user.  It promises to be
intellectually challenging and also quite fun as word games and
quizzes can be sent by anyone for all to play.

To subscribe, send an e-mail message to
and in the body of your message write the following command:

      SUBSCRIBE WORDPLAY-L yourfirstname yourlastname

For example:    SUBSCRIBE WORDPLAY-L Mark Twain


                               WAKE-UP BRAIN

Wake-Up_Brain on

It's Monday morning and caffeine is slowly percolating into your
system but your brain is still covered with weekend sludge.  You
need something to get those synapses firing, a brain booster to
stimulate those billions of gray cells.

You need Good Morning Thinkers! absolutely free brain
wake-up service offered to you by the Innovative Thinking
Network, a professional membership association of leaders forging
the revitalization of organizations through the powerful use of
innovation, creativity and group thinking skills.

Every Monday morning subscribers receive a short, lighthearted
message designed to help wipe away the fog and open the door to
more powerful, creative thinking.

To subscribe, simply send a message to:
                Subscribe Wake-Up_Brain

in the body.

Innovative Thinking Network ...  or

Owner:  Joyce Wycoff
        1324 State St., G-153, Santa Barbara, CA  93101
        Phone:  805-964-5363;  FAX:  805-964-6383


                              VISIONARY LIST

Visionary List : for storytellers and more...

The visionary-l list was formed for several purposes: 1) to serve
as a source of up to the minute information from Visionary
Publishing, a new publisher of games, fiction and other material;
2) for open discussion of storytelling, roleplaying, myths and
legends, and how all of these forms are related to each other;
and 3) to be the initial organizational forum for our Visionaries
organization, which will later break off into its own list.

To subscribe, send email to with the text:

               subscribe visionary-l

[Editors' Note:  Be aware that response time from this list is
very slow.
It can take several weeks to receive a welcoming message and


                               A WORD A DAY

Anu Garg is a true linguaphile who offers the meaning and
pronunciation of a new word each day to thousands of

You can visit the 'A Word a Day' (AWAD) home page on the WWW.

The URL is

Now use your arrow and enter keys to locate and select your
area of interest, including a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)
document that gives an explanation of the service and tells
you how to interpret the pronunciation symbols.

AWAD has been available for some time as a mailing list and you
can still subscribe to it via email if that is your preference.

send an email message to:


Leave the body of the message blank and make the subject line as
                subscribe YourFirstName YourLastName

NOTE: This is different from most lists that instruct you to
leave the subject line blank and insert the command in the body
of the message.

Quotations are often appended to each 'word of the day' e.g. "The
human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter"


                              QUOTATIONS PAGE

Some updates have been added to
which may merit a look.  This is a collection of resources
relating to quotations.

New:  The Random Quotations Page - 3 new quotations
every time you load it.


Here is a list of the Quotations Pages:

Search for a quotation by keyword or author

Quotes of the Day - updated daily.