ASSOCIATES (vol. 2, no. 2, November 1995) -

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                   THE THIRD GREATER SAN DIEGO

                           reported by

                          Judith Downie
                        Library Services
                   California State University
                           San Marcos

This year's all-day workshop, "Taking Wing With Technology", was
held at California State University San Marcos on Friday, August
11.  Eighty-eight attendees, from as far away as Sacramento,
enjoyed the keynote presentation of Ed Martinez, editor of
_Library Mosaics_, the print national library support staff
journal.  His presentation, "New Adventures of the Invisible
People" discussed the visibility of support staff from his
experience as library page, staffer, and professional librarian
as well as the impact of technology on the library workplace.

The keynote presentation was followed by an open networking
session, "Spanish for Library Staff" and viewings of segments
from the teleconference "Soaring to Excellence".  Afternoon
sessions included interests such as a "Hands-On Internet
Workshop", "Format Integration for Catalogers", "Dealing with
Difficult People", "Library Technician Certification", "Going for
the MLS" and "Writing for Publication".

The attendees left with inspiration, folders loaded with
information and a sense of being "visible" in the library
community.  If you know of others who did not hear of the event,
or wish to be notified of future events, they may contact Judith
Downie at Library Services, California State University San
Marcos, San Marcos, CA 92096-0001 or at (619) 750-4341.

The Greater San Diego Paraprofessional Development Workshop is
pout together by a small group of library staff who are committed
to bringing opportunity for career and personal development to
the San Diego and Orange County area of Southern California.  Not
only have we put on three large workshops of over 85 attendees
each time, but had a standing-room-only half-day workshop
consisting of a hands-on simulated Internet session with an
online scavenger hunt component.  We rely on the feedback of our
fellow staffers for the theme of the next event in order to be
most appropriate.

The volunteer organizers of this event wish to express deeply
felt "Thank You!!"s.  The local library association, Palomar
Library Association, has contributed their generous monetary
donation to aid in defraying costs.  This is the second year PLA
has contributed and we hope the results of supporting local staff
to attend such events is reflected in what they bring back to
their work to share with others.  The last two years have also
seen the support of California State University San Marcos in
providing space for the event in a severely limited space
situation.  This has helped keep the costs down for the
attendees, many of whom pay their own way, and shows a commitment
to education for all.  I personally must thank the other
volunteers...Bessie Mayes, Luz Villalobos, Linda Osgood and Katie
Quinn...without their good humor and inspiration, none of this
would have come about.