ASSOCIATES (vol. 2, no. 2, November 1995) -

Table of Contents

I should have known things could not remain perfect forever.
We had our first computer glitch.  For some reason, the formulas
used in Joanne Leary's article _Mastering Memoese_ were
transmitted with additional characters plopped in by the ozone
gods.  After every = sign, a 3D appeared.

As Ms. Leary put it, "the really cruel thing is that they don't
look like garbage characters - they look like they were meant to
be there.  Argh!  Could you put in a line somewhere about
ignoring the 3D stuff.  Not that it will matter to anyone except
me, but I really thought about the relationships and worked them
all out, and hate to see the product of years of desultory but
continuous cogitation (it's true) get garbled into complete

Also, last issue we announced plans to include a new feature
under *Items of Interest* regarding certification training and
jobs listings.  Well, this has been a year of much transition for
me.  My old job was reorganized out of existence.  I have been
spending the last year on lots of new and special projects.  All
spring and summer were spent designing and implementing a major
inter-library shift here at the University of Kansas.  Now I'm
mainly working in the Government Documents Library as their
computer semi-guru while also learning GovDocs reference (whew),
as well as working on even more new and special projects
elsewhere in the library system.

The problem with learning new things and new jobs is that you can
no longer set yourself on cruise control and take on additional
tasks with ease.  As a result, the months since the July issue
have gone by without my getting time to organize this section of
_ASSOCIATES_.  Suddenly, here it is - Publication Day - and I'm
not ready.  Many apologies.  This feature *will* be ready to go
in the March 96 issue.

However, I WILL direct you to a wonderful new Internet
source...the Library Support Staff Resource Center home page, an
incredible job by Martha Parsons and Walt Nickeson.  You will not
only find valuable information on library technician training and
Internet job sources, but a myriad of other treasures as well,
including access to _ASSOCIATES_ via BUBL.  You have *GOT* to
scope this out:


Well, enough apologizing.  Enjoy your issue of _ASSOCIATES_ and
Happy Holidays!!!

                                        Kendall Simmons