ASSOCIATES (vol. 3, no. 2, November 1996) -

Table of contents

                              *THE INTERNET GURU*

                                 Dr. Brad Eden

Well, we are all back into the academic school year, juggling
work assignments, student and faculty requests, and trying to
implement the Internet into our already overflowing bag of
responsibilities and duties.  How can we tell which Internet
sites are good ones as opposed to bad ones?  When time is
limited, what skills do we need to have in order to efficiently
and comprehensively evaluate Internet resources?

Here are some Internet sites to refer to if you are involved in
this type of activity; and if you're not, these sites can help
you to evaluate Internet locations for your own bookmarks.  Most
have been done by librarians for librarians, so they are very
applicable to all of us.  As always, I appreciate any feedback on
this column and its content; if you have any ideas for future
issues, please contact me at the e-mail address given above.

"Evaluating Quality on the Net"

"Beyond 'Cool' -- Analog Models for Reviewing Digital Resources"

"Live from the Internet and Beyond ... Teaching Patrons to
Evaluate Internet Sites"

"Evaluating Internet Resources"

"Teaching Critical Evaluation Skills for World Wide Web