ASSOCIATES (vol. 3, no. 2, November 1996) -

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                         *INFO FROM THE SUPERHIGHWAY*

                                 Linda Putnam
                      Senior Library Technical Assistant
                          Florida State University

                           _THE WEATHER AROUND US_

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we always knew how to dress when we
got up in the morning?  If there would be no more getting half
way to work, having the heavens open up and getting soaking wet
because we did not bring our umbrellas?  Well, with the sites
listed below, there are no more excuses.  These are links to as
many weather sites as I could handle.  You notice I did not say
"as many as I could find."  It is amazing what is out there, but
I made sure that the links included weather information from
around the world as well as in the United States.  I'm afraid I
went a little heavy on the hurricane links, but then I live in a
city where Hurricane Kate did a lot of damage.  From June to
November hurricanes are never far from my mind.  As I type this
column, there are two hurricanes, a tropical storm and a tropical
depression following each other off the coast of Africa.  The
first Hurricane, Edward, chose to disrupt the weather in the
Northeast.  The second Hurricane, Frances, decided to come ashore
in North Carolina.  We are still keeping a close watch on the
tropical storm.  My hope is that these sites will help us all
prepare for the worst while we are hoping for the best.
Happy surfing....


Organized Weather Links  -  North American Edition

Links which have been reorganized and relaunched to include
global weather links.  This site is hosted by Cometnet.


WTVT's Realtime Florida Weather Radar

Skytower Radar is the most powerful privately owned Doppler Radar
system in the U.S. and has a maximum range of 450 miles.  Well
worth looking at if you live in the southeastern United States or
on one of the islands off the coast.


The Vagabond Spider

Includes hurricane updates for those of us who live in coastal
areas.  This site originates in Brevard County, Florida.


Weather Services

This site gives a variety of weather information from major
university sources including the University of Illinois, the
University of Michigan and Purdue University among others.



With the correct software this site allows you to look at
Metrosat images on a real-time basis.


ICNet Weather JumpPage

This site has a current weather map and forecasts across the
United States.


News and Weather

With links to the USA Today, CNN Interactive and Current top
headlines this is a valuable site to keep in your notebook.


NEXTRAD  --  The Weather Shop

The next generation of weather radar technology is used at this
site as well as NOWRAD (see below)


NOWRAD  --  The Weather Shop

Displays where precipitation is occurring, the intensity, the
type of precipitation.


Current Temperature

CU/Boulder Temperature gateway.  It is a skier's delight, giving
ski conditions.


National Center for Atmospheric Research

Has local Colorado information with links to weather around the


The Official RAGBRAI Weather Page

Weather radar for Iowa and links to the Des Moines Register,
World Wide Weather, Freese Notis Weather, etc.  Very
informational site.

Weather Images for Today

Weather forecasts and images for Charleston, South Carolina and
the southeastern United States.  Has links to world weather


Neon: Weather

Weather conditions and forecasts for the Omaha, Nebraska area
with links to other weather sites.


National Hurricane Center
This site is specifically for those of us who live in coastal
areas where hurricanes and severe storms are constant dangers.


Sky Warn

The National Hurricane Centers hurricane graphics.


Michigan State University Current Weather

This site contains information on current world wide weather as
well as weather in the United States.


Weather... You Like It or Not

This site has the weather information from the superhighway.
Have fun....


The Weather Processor WWW Server

A general purpose weather visualization tool for current and
archived meteorological data.


Web Weather

This site has a searchable index where you can search by
location.  It's easy: just type in the name of the town in which
you are interested, and it pops up on the screen.


The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Weather World

Great site for general weather information.  Has links to
additional www weather sites.


National Science Foundation - Arlington Virginia

Local weather data plus links to other WWW sites for world
weather data.