ASSOCIATES (vol. 4, no. 2, November 1997) -

Table of Contents

                          *THE INTERNET GURU*
                             Dr. Brad Eden
     Coordinator of Technical Services/Automated Library Services
          North Harris Montgomery Community College District
                             Houston, Texas

With the growth of the Web, it is often hard to keep up with the 
many search engines, sites, and finding the needed information on the
Internet.  This issue's topic is Web-based training sites for Web use
and Web instruction, as well as distance learning sites for those of
you who are looking at continuing education using the Internet.  There
are many MLS programs that are now done through distance learning, for
any support staff who are interested in obtaining this degree. Other
degree programs are also available, as well as many courses for
information and/or pleasure, some that do not cost anything.  Have fun
exploring these sites!!
You can take free email courses (with message boards and web-based
assignments) at Spectrum Virtual Online University (also limited
Tim Kilby's Web-based training information Center
Online Education Library
New Tools for Teaching: Web-based Education
Dyro's Web-Based Training Site
Open University Intl Centre for Distance Learning
U Maryland, Intl. Univ. Consortium
Proceedings of online conference 11/96 on web-based education
Sandhill Community College: Online and Distance Learning Resources
Ralph Wilson's Training via the Internet
Designing and Implementing Instruction on the WWW
Delivering Instruction on the WWW
Annenberg CPB Project: The Top Ten Distance Education Sites
Comprehensive Distance Ed List of Resources
Distance Learning Resources World Wide Web sites
World Lecture Hall
Teaching in the Community Colleges Online Conference
Yahoo's Distance Learning Links
Yahoo Online Education and Training Links