ASSOCIATES (2005, March, v. 11, no. 3) -

*The LTAIG Discussion List -- Serving It Up Right*


Carol Fowler
Langley, B.C
LTAIG Manager

The LTAIG discussion list was created for the Library Technicians’ and Assistants’ Interest Group, British Columbia Library Association (BCLA). It has a current subscriber list of approximately 470 and is hosted by BCLA. The majority of our subscribers are located throughout the province of British Columbia, although we do have subscribers from other provinces such as Alberta, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, and as far away as Australia!

Our members include both library support staff (technicians and assistants) as well as library technician students from the Library Technician programs at both Langara College in Vancouver, BC and the University College of the Fraser Valley in Abbotsford, BC.

Regular postings to the list include: links to weekly British Columbia job postings, student summer jobs, volunteer opportunities (occasionally), a monthly annotated list of interesting links (affectionately known as the “Well of Useful Information”), LTAIG news and events, and relevant workshop and conference postings, forwarded from the main BCLA list as well as other associations and lists.

Past discussions of interest on our list have included: Why I Love My Job (a Valentine’s Day related theme discussion comparing our daily job description to a box of chocolates), and Are You a Library Tech? (a truly enlightening discussion on job titles).

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