ASSOCIATES (vol. 1, no. 3, March 1995) -

Table of Contents

It's that time of year again...March Madness!  For those of you who
don't give a hoot about U.S. college basketball, I promise I won't
say THAT much about it.  Suffice it to say that my favorite
basketball team in the universe is a #1 seed in the NCAA tournament
and I spend more time this time of year thinking about basketball
than about libraries.  As a result, I'll just throw some bits and
pieces at you that I think might be of interest.
**  A new round of library conferences has started.  This issue,
our calendar is 11 pages long!  We've begin offering handouts to
conference officers so that support staff who have not heard about
_ASSOCIATES_ can learn about us, how to subscribe, how to submit
articles and announcements, and how to retrieve back issues.  The
result?  Waves of new subscribers...10-12 a day.  If you want
copies of these handouts for your conference or event, just let us
**  New methods for accessing _ASSOCIATES_ are being developed.
The University of Toronto has chosen _ASSOCIATES_ as one of the
electronic journals to be included in their pilot project on
developing methodologies to improve retrieval from the contents of
e-journals.  Now if only our home library would catalog us!
**  Our editors have been keeping busy.  Bob has just been elected
Vice-President of the Duval County Library Association.  Paulette
will be speaking on "The Benefits of Paraprofessional Groups" at
the Tennessee Library Association conference later this month.  At
the end of this semester, Susan will be two-thirds the way towards
getting her MLS.  Joy is busy being challenged by the 800 libraries
in the OCLC Pacific territory from San Diego to Seattle, keeping up
with new developments in all OCLC subsystems and teaching copy
cataloging workshops.  Wendee's too busy to write, but still does
a great job editing.  Katie has given her talk on "Library Horror
Stories" at the Library Paraprofessional Development Group
conference in Gainesville, Florida and the Wisconsin Association of
Academic Librarians.  And this June, Katie and I will be speakers
at the national COLT conference in Illinois.  Hope to see you
**  Food for thought:  I read this on the library administrators'
listserv LIBADMIN in a discussion of the future of librarianship,
and thought it was worth sharing.
     "One thing that seems clear is that, in a period of rapid
change and ambiguity, our traditional penchant for dividing tasks
into professional and nonprofessional streams no longer serves us
well.  In today's volatile information environment, this approach
simply creates role confusion and adds to the profession's long-
standing problem of credibility."  Larry Oberg, University
Librarian, Mark O. Hatfield Library, Willamette University, Salem,
OR.   LIBADMIN, March 9, 1995.
**  One final note:
                     ROCK CHALK JAYHAWKS!!!