ASSOCIATES (vol. 1, no. 3, March 1995) -

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                           CERTIFICATION SURVEY
The Certification Committee of COLT (Council on Library/Media
Technicians) has developed a Certification Survey which is included
in this issue of "Associates".
Information relating to Continuing Education, Personal/Professional
Development, and Career Goals are the main focuses of this project.
The survey will be used as a tool to evaluate and determine our
needs in order to achieve these goals.
Certification recognizes an individual's skills and competencies.
Future projections indicate that changes in the workplace will
result in a redistribution of work-related tasks.  Support
personnel Can and Will perform duties that previously were done
only by librarians.  As responsibilities increase, support staff
should be recognized for their increased knowledge, skills, and
As Support Staff/Paraprofessionals, we need to become even more
aware of recent trends and developments that will have an impact on
our careers.  In some instances, our career paths will be totally
redefined.  We should consider a few questions: What Is Our Current
Status?  Where Do We Want Our CAREER---NOT "JOB"---To Lead?  How
Can We Begin This Process?
The results of this survey will enable the Certification Committee
to discover much more about the interests, commitment, and career
desires of support personnel.  We want to have a wide range of
responses, from all aspects of support staff interests.
We encourage your participation and look forward to your
responses/comments.  Remember: Our career development and
empowerment has a direct effect upon the success of our individual
departments, libraries, and media centers.
For more information, please contact:
Ms. Margaret Barron, Certification Chairperson
Associate Professor
Cuyahoga Community College
2900 Community College Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio  44115
Telephone:     216-987-4296
Fax:      216-987-4404
Sherry McBride-Brown
Chair, Public Relations Committee
Daniel Boone Reg. Library
100 W. Broadway
Columbia, MO  65205-1267
Telephone:     314-443-3161 ext. 341
Fax:      314-874-0862
Laurence A. Andrew
Chair Research & Publications (COLT)
George Washington University
2147 "O" St., NW #400
Washington, D.C.  20037
Telephone:     202-994-2874
Fax:      202-994-8210
Certification is a relevant, timely topic for discussion groups,
inservices, and seminars.  If you are interested contact Margaret
                           CERTIFICATION SURVEY
Telephone Number/E-mail
Education (Check all that apply)
High School         Jr. College         Technical College
     Community College        4 Year College      Graduate School
Degrees Awarded (Check all that apply)
Diploma        Certification of Achievement       AA        AAS
     BA        BS        BLS       Master(Not MLS)
Work Experience
Type of Library (Public, Academic, School, Special)
Years in Current Position               Degree Required?
A.   Professional Activities (local, state, national)
Name of Professional Library/Other Memberships/Offices Held
Is there a state level library support staff organization?
               Yes       No        Don't Know
B.   Certification for Library/Media Support Staff
     1.Are you interested in certification?         Yes       No
     2.Will it assist you with career advancement at your current
                Yes       No
     3.Will you be willing to travel to take the certification
                Yes       No
     4.Will you travel     up to 5-10 miles         10-20 miles
      21-30                   Stay Overnight if required
     5.What fee range will you pay for a certification exam?
     $25-$30   $50-$75   $75-$100  Other
     6.Is there a site conveniently located where you can prepare
     for the exam with continuing education courses?
     6a.Name the site and location:
C.   Levels of Certification Competencies
     Indicate the area(s) of certification that would immediately
     be of value to you.
        Media Services (television production, graphics, etc.)
        Public Services (circulation, serials, etc.)
        Technical Services (acquisitions, simple cataloging, etc)
        Media Services (television production, graphics, etc)
        Public Services (circulation, ILL's, serials, etc.)
        Technical Services (acquisitions, cataloging, etc.)
     3.Library Media Technician-Certified
        Circulation Department
        Media Services Department
        Serials Department
        Technical Services (acquisitions, cataloging, etc)
     4.Indicate other areas of specialization
D.Would you be interested in presenting a certification forum with
     COLT in your library community?
               Yes            No
E.Comments (optional)
Please respond  by May 31, 1995 to:
     Margaret Barron
     2900 Community College Avenue
     Cleveland, Ohio  44115
     Telephone:     216-987-4296
     Fax:      216-987-4404
(Please note: E-mail response not available--DO NOT respond back to
Thank you for your time in completing this survey!