ASSOCIATES (vol. 3, no. 3, March 1997) -

Table of Contents

                          _THE INTERNET GURU_
                             Dr. Brad Eden
     Coordinator of Technical Services/Automated Library Services

Hope that all is going well with everyone out there!  It's that
time of year for those who have teenagers getting ready for
college to start thinking about SAT and ACT testing, financial
aid, and choosing a college/university.  Last year at this time
I provided a list of Internet addresses for preparing your
federal and state taxes, so if you are interested in that topic,
pull up the March 1996 issue of ASSOCIATES.  Otherwise, here is
a list of Internet resources for parents and teenagers who are
on the verge of preparing for or attending a college/university.
The Educational Testing Service is a nonprofit educational
measurement institution.  Their WWW site contains information and
practice test questions for the SAT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, and LSAT.
Register for tests online, or view the tests and services
directory.  Data on financial aid, colleges and universities, and
even teacher tests are included.
College PowerPrep - The Best in SAT Preparation is set up to help
students dramatically improve their SAT scores and gain
admittance to the college of their choice.
The Financial Aid Section of the Missing Children Information
page contains links to over fifty places on the Net where you can
apply for college financial aid.  You'll also find links to sites
such as Collegescape (where you can apply online to over 200
college programs), Black Excel: The College Help Network, College
Prep Page, and College Survival Guide.  This comprehensive site
is a "must see" for anyone looking for information on colleges
and universities.
U.S. News Colleges and Careers Center can help you choose a
college, apply online, prepare for testing, pick graduate
schools, explore careers, and find the top jobs.  They'll even
help you calculate the cost!
CollegeTown is "the most comprehensive school search on the
Internet."  Search over 10,000 institutions, from beauty schools
to the Ivy League.  Have college reports delivered to your email
address, or study guides to the financial aid process.
fastWEB! (Financial Aid Search Through the Web) is the Internet's
"largest free scholarship search."  A personalized profile will
be tailored to your specific skills and abilities.  Complete six
simple steps to find the money you need for college.
ED Office of Postsecondary Education (OPE) Home Page provides
detailed information about assistance that is available from the
U.S. Department of Education to help students pay for college
If you are looking for information about a specific college or
university, College News is the place.  You'll also find links to
financial aid resources, sports recruiting coordinators, and
fraternity and sorority pages.
CampusBound: College Applications Academy has a 78% success rate
in helping students get accepted into top U.S. colleges and
graduate school programs.  They'll help you prepare application
essays and personal statements which will maximize your chances
of admission to the college of your choice.
Peterson's Education & Career Center features information on
studying abroad, summer programs, vocational-technical schools,
graduate study, and financing education.
American College/University Admissions Office EMail Addresses:
Adventures in Education is an interactive site that offers
information and services to help you finance your education,
select a school, and plan a career.
CollegeView College Search is a free online college search
service with profiles of 3,500+ colleges & universities, virtual
tours, electronic applications, financial aid information, career
planning tools, and more.
Mapping Your Future will help you plan your career, select a
school, and pay for your education.
Education World is another resource for universities on the Net.
FinAid, the Financial Aid Information Page provides a free,
comprehensive, independent, and objective guide to student
financial aid.
College and University Home Pages features a list of over 3000
entries which you can access by alphabetical or geographical