ASSOCIATES (vol. 3, no. 3, March 1997) -

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                      *INFO FROM THE SUPERHIGHWAY
                             Linda Putnam

Class tours, speeches, workshops, committee meetings,
conferences, bibliographic instruction, on, and on, and on the
list can go.  Almost all library employees at one time or another
have to give a speech.  According to most surveys it is "the"
most frightening thing a person can be asked to do.  When your
boss comes to you that a speech is needed and tells exactly what
is needed and your first thought is to say NO.  You can't do that
because, Well, first it "is" your BOSS, and second because it
falls under the part of your job description "and any other
duties as assigned."  Boy, is that a catch-all phrase.  So what
do you do if you can't say no?  Throwing up is an option, but not
really recommended.  There are groups like Toastmasters
International and the International Organization for the
Practicing and Training in the Art of Communication, but these
groups are not for everyone.  Some people do not have the money
for the annual and/or semiannual dues and some do not have the
extra time it takes to attend meetings.  There are also classes
which are taught in colleges, universities, community centers,
etc.  These classes are in all price ranges and can help.  But
many times a person is in a hurry and needs to look something up
NOW!  Not after class or after weeks of work in a club....NOW!
Therefore, I have put together a list of Internet resources which
can be used either in addition to or instead of the clubs and/or
classes mentioned above.  These sources are not a perfect answer
to the problem of "speech panic" because the only thing that will
help to stop the fear is to give speeches on a regular bases, but
these resources should lend you a helping hand.   The major clue
I can give you is that whatever speech or presentation you come
up with you MUST practice, practice, and then give it some more
practice.  It is very obvious to your audience if you are unsure
of yourself because you do not know your material.
There is much more I could say since I have been a Toastmaster
since 1989 but this column is to give YOU the resources at your
fingertips for you to be able to and find what you need yourself.
Good luck with your speeches.
International Organization for the Purpose of Practicing and
Training in the Art of Communications
ITC International : an international organization for the purpose
of practicing and training in the art of communications. -
Presentations can be one hour breakfast or lunch meetings or 2
hour meetings that are held in the evenings.  (Some countries
have mostly lunch meetings and meet weekly, many in the US are
dinner meetings and are held one a month.
Communications Skills and Strategies
Communication Skills and Strategies: Guidelines for
Managers at Work - Jerry A. Dibble, Beverly Y. Langford.
Improves communication (writing and speaking) skills
Successful Public Speaking
Successful Public Speaking: Verbal/Visual/Vocal Teamwork -
Cheryl Hamilton.   Stressing the importance of integrating
verbal messages, vocal skills, and visual aids for maximum
impact and success.
Valley Toastmasters
Valley Toastmasters : So reach the pinnacle of public speaking at
Valley Toastmasters, one of the premier Toastmasters
International clubs in Northern New Jersey.   Visit the
Toastmasters news and discussion group . Visit other Toastmasters
Clubs on the World Wide Web.
Professional Speaking Consulting
Public Speaking Consulting : Give training seminars to organized
professionals who want to better their speaking skills.  Work
with professional media people who want to polish their public
speaking techniques.
Speaking Skills
Speaking Skills : There is no better way to improve ones talents
in platform speaking than to learn from watching the professional
speakers at the IPA Conventions and participating in one or more
of the IPA seminars, workshops, or competitions.  At every
convention there is one all day seminar for IPA members to
sharpen their public speaking skills under the tutelage of public
speaking experts (Please sign up)
Making effective presentions
able to communicate more effectively, putting across important
messages confidently, clearly and in a way that holds the
attention of the audience, focuses on the key issues and
influences listeners as intended.  code 12EP London 1 day
£800 Course Director Myra Chapman Enquiries 01344 634769,
GTN 3803 4769
International Association of Business Communicaticators
Club informaiton plus much much more.
Toastmasters Information
Toastmasters International is a nonprofit public speaking
organization which has clubs intenationally.  this site presents
information about the organization as well as the clubs
Public Speaking and Personal Development Schools
Names and information about companies which teach public
speaking skills.
Tom Peters thoughts on Public Speaking and Toastmasters
Excerpt from his book the Pursut of WOW
Edward Tufte on Public Speaking
His ideas and thoughts on public speaking
Virtual Presentation Assistant
An online tutorial for improving your public speaking skills.
Ten Commandments of presentations
The "Ten Commandments" of presentations. Gives information about
what to do and what not to do.
Key steps to effective presentations
General guidelines for professional looking presentations
Public speaking anxiety
Steps to help prevent or reduce anxiety.
Fear of Public Speaking
Public speaking stories, myths and magic  (trial by fire).
Fear of Public Speaking
How to conquer public speaking fear.
Tips for dealing with nervousness.
How to use graphics in an oral presentation.
Using Charts
Strategy for using charts during presentations.