ASSOCIATES (vol. 4, no. 3, March 1998) -

Table of Contents

                 _The Diving Bell and the Butterfly_
                        Jean-Dominique Bauby
             Translated from the French by Jeremy Leggatt
                    Alfred A. Knopf,  New York  
                      ISBN: 0-375-40115-6 

                         Reviewed by 

                         Diana Cripe
                        Library Clerk
          Kitsap Regional Library - Port Orchard Branch
                      Port Orchard, WA

	_The Diving Bell and the Butterfly_ is a book written in a most 
unusual manner.  Jean-Dominique Bauby was the editor-in-chief of the 
French magazine "Elle". In December of 1997, at the age of 43, he had 
a brain stem stroke.  He was in a coma for twenty days, and then woke 
to find that only his left eye functioned.

	Bauby wrote this book by having an assistant rearrange some of 
the letters of the alphabet.  Bauby would blink when the assistant got 
to the letter that was needed next.  The volume reads so smoothly that 
I would periodically have to stop and remind myself that it was 
written literally one slow letter at a time!

	_The Diving Bell and the Butterfly_ is a remarkable story.  The 
title is appropriate since Bauby felt his body was as immobile as if 
it were locked in an old-time diving bell.  Yet his mind just kept 
going like the wings of a butterfly.  

	At the end of the book, the author recalls the day that he had 
had the stroke.  It is amazing to me that he could recall every detail
up to the very moment of his lapsing into a coma.  

	Jean-Dominique Bauby died two days after the publication of his 
book in France.  Though heartwarming and sad, the book makes one 
realize what we can do in the face of adversity--and it shows the 
courage and love the author had.  One cannot help but be in awe of 
Jean-Dominique Bauby--and appreciate the gift he left to us.