ASSOCIATES (vol. 4, no. 3, March 1998) -

Table of Contents

                         *THE INTERNET GURU*


                             Dr. Brad Eden
          Coordinator of Technical Services/Automated Library Services
               North Harris Montgomery Community College District
                            Houston, Texas

	Wow, what a mild winter we have been having (at least here in 
Texas).  The weather has been a balmy 50-60 degrees, and the El Nino 
weather has not been too bad.  

	Since the Internet is becoming more and more integrated in 
library services, some of you may have responsibility (or would like 
the opportunity) to find, select, and catalog Internet resources.  I 
have compiled a list of web sites that will assist the beginning and 
the advanced Internet searcher in evaluating web sites for inclusion 
in their library catalog.  

	Some of you may also have responsibility for designing and 
maintaining web pages for your library or department.  I have also 
included some web design sites below.  As always, these addresses  
were current as of the writing of this column, but may have moved or 
disappeared during the time lag.

	If there are subjects or topics of interest that you would like 
to see addressed in this column, please contact me at  I would be happy to compile a list of resources on 
any topic of interest.  Enjoy these sites, and keep exploring the 


Hope Tillman's "Evaluating Quality on the Net" at

Carolyn Caywood's article
Library Selection Criteria for WWW Resources

Two sites that discuss the usability of a site

ALA's The Librarian's Guide To Cyberspace
for Parents & Kids gives criteria:

Jeff Beck's evaluation of Internet resources

Bibliography on evaluating internet resources

WebPages That Suck

Evaluating World Wide Web Information

Why the web sucks

Web Evaluation:  Criteria
The criteria are accuracy, authority, objectivity, currency, coverage -
and includes examples

Evaluation Web Resources
Provides materials to assist in the teaching of how to evaluate Web
resources.  Useful evaluation checklists for Advocacy,
Business/Marketing, Informational News, and Personal Web pages.

Evaluation of Information Sources
A Webliography of sites that tell how to evaluate sites.

Evaluating Internet Research Sources

Web Design for Librarians

Yale C/AIM Web Style Guide

HTML Writers Guild

Alan Richmond's archives and links to all things HTML and web-related.

Sun's Style Guide


Web Developer's Virtual Library(lots of information)

All Things Web.  (Lots of Info)

How to Create Web Pages: a Webliography