ASSOCIATES (2007, July, v. 14, no. 1) -


Volume 14, Number 1
July 2007

From The Editor

Guest Editorial by Bessie Mayes
An atypical editorial and commentary--fiction or future vision?

Associates Survey -- March 15-June 15, 2007 -- Results
A survey for subscribers and readers of Associates was in the March 2007 issue. Results and comments are reported.

My View From The Back Room by Carol Borzyskowski
Free and open communication in the library is crucial for staff and patrons. Unfortunately, many factors negatively impact the ability for the free flow of communication, including the building layout.

Bear Thoughts #6: Assumptions Underlying the Libraries We Know -- I by Frank Exner, Little Bear
Library staff make assumptions about the collection housed in libraries and assumptions about the collection's organization.

Library Life: A Column Of Eclectic Rantings by Katie Buller Kintner
One of the "best of" from Katie's columns is being reprinted in this issue. Katie will run live again in the November 2007 issue. In this column, Katie gives an example of what a patron might hear at the circulation desk if the librarian was a celebrity.

Are You Having Fun Yet? by C. Leslie Charles
How many people do you know who are consistently relaxed, healthy, having fun, and fully enjoying life? Would your name be on the roster?”

Web Browsers 101 by Jim Clark
Don't like the font or color on web pages? This article gives step-by-step instructions on how to change your browser's defaults to your own preferences. Remember to write down your current settings first before making any changes so you can restore them easily.

Rainbow’s End: A Look At COLT In A Post-Mosaics World by Charlie Fox
National, state, regional, and local support staff organizations have given our profession respect and relevance. Why join?

The New Face of Library Instruction is the Interface by Anthony Holderied
Orientation for incoming freshmen students typically involve a physical walking tour of the library. The focus should be educating our incoming patrons on the use of online services and resources.

Another ‘First’ For The Affiliates Group by Jim Jackson
Many library assistants in the United Kingdom have the same questions about Certification. The solution? The idea of a podcast was developed.

Getting the Conference Experience without Attending the Conference by Amanda J. Martin
There are many reasons a person can be unable to attend a conference. This is an option on how to attend the conference without physically being there.

The Lasting Collection by Tinker Massey
With the new rage of digitalization and online resources, this library is preserving and refilming deteriorating microfilm.

Advocating Libraries: Why Front Line Staff Really Matter by Bob McKee
Front line staff are an integral and vital part of the library and information community. We need an advocacy campaign to get across to people important messages about the value of libraries – and front line staff are key partners in that campaign.

An Odyssey Through Time by Ruby Wilson
Exciting discoveries while arranging an archives storage building.

The Blogosphere, the Library, and You (or To Blog or Not to Blog) reviewed by Michael D. Brooks
Establishing a blog might be just the thing you need to generate ideas, promote the library, make announcements, get feedback, and share in an exchange of information.

WI Support Staff Conference Highlights by Nancy Anderson
Highlights of the 2007 Wisconsin Library Association (WLA) Support Staff conference, The Circle isn’t Round Anymore, held May 22, 2007.

Reaching Forward South Conference For Library Support Staff submitted by Bonnie Kilmurray
The conference will be held on Thursday, September 20 and Friday, September 21, 2007, in Springfield, Illinois with the theme “Outside the Box!”

SAGE Library Support Staff Travel Grants submitted by Manuel Urrizola
Six library support staff were awarded the 2007 ALCTS/SAGE Library Support Staff Travel Grant and were honored at the Association of Library Collections and Technical Services (ALCTS) Awards Ceremony in Washington D.C. during the ALA Annual Conference.

LIANZA Annual Conference
The Annual Conference of the Library and Information Association New Zealand Aotearoa (LIANZA) will be held 9-12 September 2007.

Event Links
The beginning of a listing of web addresses for major library associations and events calendars for each to be permanently housed on this page.


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