ASSOCIATES (vol. 1, no. 1, July 1994) -

Table of Contents

  _Cataloging Unpublished Nonprint Materials: A Manual of
             Suggestions, Comments, and Examples_
 by Verna Urbanski, with Bao Chu Chang and Bernard L. Karon
(Lake Crystal, Minnesota: Soldier Creek Press, 1992. x, 129 p.)
Sooner or later, many library staff members who catalog nonprint
materials, whether audiovisual, graphic materials, computer files
or realia will deal with unpublished materials.  Many of the
issues of cataloging are the same as when cataloging published
materials.  However, with unpublished materials, there is often
no readily identifiable "chief source of information."  Labeling,
if it exists at all, may be skimpy, misleading or inaccurate.  It
may not be clear why the item was acquired, or what relevance it
has to the collection as a whole, or to the clientele.
This manual will help provide guidance in dealing with such
problem materials.  A part of the introduction offers
considerations to help the cataloger decide whether an item
should, in fact, be retained and how best to handle it.  The
remainder of the book is divided into sections dealing with,
respectively, general provisions of AACR 2, chapter 1 (which are
applicable to all materials covered in the manual), sound
recordings, motion pictures and videorecordings, graphic
materials, computer files, three-dimensional artefacts and
realia, and kits.
Throughout, pertinent rules from AACR 2 are given, followed by a
brief discussion on their applicability to nonprint materials.
Abundant examples are provided.  A bibliography for nonprint
materials and an index round out this work.  Although the authors
state in the preface that "not all types of materials nor all
variations could be included", this book is complete and concise
enough to be a welcome addition to any audiovisual cataloging
reference collection.
			    Reviewed by
			    Carol O'Brien
			    Library Assistant II
			    University of Minnesota Archives