ASSOCIATES (vol. 1, no. 1, July 1994) -

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			    A Column
			  Linda Putnam
	       Senior Library Technical Assistant
			Document Library
		    Florida State University
Life in the library subculture is changing rapidly.  As more and
more library employees become enmeshed in the new technologies,
many of us are becoming teachers as well as students.  Each new
employee who signs onto the Internet or sits down to a new
computer program looks to the "old timers" for help.  The amazing
thing is that those of us who are now considered "old timers"
have only been on the Internet ourselves a relatively short time.
This brings up the problem of where we go for help to instruct
our co-workers.
There is a list of e-mail addresses available for people just
like ourselves who have volunteered to help.  It is called
"Internet Assistance for LM_NET Members Index".   A current copy
of this list can always be found via the ERIC gopher, in the
LM_NET section.
Included in "Internet Assistance for LM_NET Members Index" are a
basic "tips on getting help" section and e-mail listings for
people who will help you with a variety of telecommunications
software, UNIX, VMS, and regional networks as well as such
Internet tools as e-mail, ftp, gopher, listserv, Mosaic, telnet,
UseNet news, Veronica, WAIS, and World Wide Web.
To get to this resource:
You will be asked for a password which, as the screen will state,
Once inside, there will be a menu of choices that will lead you
to more menus and more choices.  In this case, you need to
choose, in order, the following:
     AskERIC Virtual Library via Gopher
	  Education Listservs Archives
		    Internet Assistance for LM_Net Members
For additional information about this index, contact Shelley
Lochhead, Librarian, Hopkinton High School, 297 Park Avenue,
Contoocook, NH 03229  (
As we strive to learn about the Internet and teach others what we
know, we struggle with a new language.  Terms which mean one
thing in the world of the Internet and telecommunications mean
another in"real life".  The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) put
together by UseNet is one of the many on-line aids that are being
designed to solve this problem.  The UseNet FAQ is a huge
collection of information covering 879 topics and is found on a
gopher in Oregon.
One way to get to this information is to use the gopher system at
the University of Maryland (College Park):
Then choose:
     Access to other electronic information resources
	  Gopher Servers--All over the world
	       North America
			      PSGnet/RAINet: low-cost and
				      international networking
				   Other Gopher and
					Information Services
					   FAQ postings for many
If you would like to download the information you find in a file
to your e-mail, type q to quit, then m to mail.  Give your e-mail
address when asked for a destination.
[To say that many groups have posted information in this file is
an understatement.  The content ranges from the sublime to the
ridiculous, and some people may be offended by the information
posted by some of the groups.  The Editors]
Another good source of information about the use of the Internet
is called "The Net Users Guidelines and Netiquette".  This guide
has been designed to instruct us as to the proper etiquette or
"netiquette" used on the Internet.  It assumes that the user has
some familiarity with the terms and protocols that are
Again using the gopher system at the University of Maryland
(College Park), choose:
     Access to other electronic information resources
	  Gopher Servers--All over the world
		     United Kingdom
			 University of Newcastle Upon Tyne
			      The World!
				 Network Training Materials
				      Networking Guides
					   Other Networking
					     Guides (netiquette,
						Rinaldi: The Net
For additions, comments, suggestions and requests for revisions,
please send E-mail to
_EDUPAGE_, a summary of news items on information technology, is
a newsletter which keeps you up to date as to what is happening
in telecommunications.  It is "published" three times a week by
Educom, a consortium of leading colleges and universities seeking
to transform education through the use of information technology.
It has summaries from newspapers, newsletters, magazines, etc.
all dealing with information technologies and telecommunications.
Skimming this newsletter will help keep you up to date on many
facets of our "new world."  One such summary follows:
"A survey of 301 companies by _Macworld Magazine_ showed that
78.4% of the firms do not spy on employee e-mail or search their
electronic files.  Sen. Paul Simon (D-Ill.) has drafted
legislation requiring that companies tell their workers that
their e-mail might be monitored.  (_Tampa Tribune_ 6/8/94 BayLife
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