ASSOCIATES (vol. 2, no. 1, July 1995) -

Table of Contents

                        THE INTERNET GURU


                          Dr. Brad Eden
                         NEEDS Cataloger
                           Houston, TX

In this issue of ASSOCIATES, we will be looking at the Internet
tool that has quickly become the most popular and exciting system
available - the World Wide Web (also known as WWW and/or W3).
WWW is an on-line delivery tool that enables users to find and
retrieve information by navigating through linked
hypertext/hypermedia documents.

In order to access WWW over the Internet, one must have access to
a browser client, such as Cello, MacWeb, Netscape, or Mosaic, to
name the most popular.  Not only can one receive textual
information in various colors, formats, and fonts, but sound and
pictures are also available for viewing or downloading.  Almost
anything and everything can be found on WWW.

The current fad is to develop one's own "home page," which
involves using HTML format to produce an Internet document where
one can place any information of interest, such as recipes, links
to favorite Internet sites, personal essays and papers related to
various interests, etc.  There are literally thousands of home
pages currently available on WWW.

Here is a list of some of the more interesting and important WWW
sites available.  Notice that most of the addresses begin with
http://[Internet address].  This is the "calling card" that needs
to be placed in front of the address for a WWW document.  One can
access other Internet sites as well, using "calling cards" such
as ftp://[Internet address] and gopher://[Internet address].
            Everything on or about libraries on the Internet

            Library of Congress
            Children's Literature Web Guide
            Can find everything on the Internet here
            Favorite URLs from Web4Lib listserv
            Clearinghouse for Subject-Oriented Internet Resource
            Internet Educational Resources Guide
            Soliton Enterprise's Center Stage

These are just a few of the _millions_ of Internet resources
available through WWW.  Get out there and start surfing!!