ASSOCIATES (vol. 2, no. 1, July 1995) -

Table of Contents

                      THE INFO SUPERHIGHWAY

                     Sports and the Internet


                          Linda Putnam
               Senior Library Technical Assistant
                        Documents Library
                    Florida State University

Most of us like sports in one form or another.  Some of us play
sports of all kinds, and some of us watch from a safe distance.
I, for one, enjoy watching from a safe distance.  If I get too
close, I get hurt.

Along with watching and/or playing goes learning about the sport.
Since summer is here, I thought some of you might like to see
some of the sports information available over the Internet.  This
is by no means everything, but it is enough to get you started.

Participating in sports is also a good way to relieve stess so
have fun and PLAYYYYY BALLLLLL....

                 *********  BASEBALL  *********

Mailing lists: (subscription is by request...drop the listowner
an email and explain why you are worthy of being an XYZ fan):

   Boston Red Sox:
   Minnesota Twins:
   New York Mets:
   Oakland Athletics:
   Pittsburg Pirates:
   San Francisco Giants:
   Toronto Blue Jays:
   Minor League Baseball:

   And, also...

Usenet Newsgroups:,

finger or mlb@ (scores,

finger  (scores, standings) sports schedules

                  *********  ARCHERY *********

Usenet Newsgroup(s): alt.archery

                *********  BASKETBALL  *********

University of Connecticut Basketball Mailing List

UCONN-BBALL is an unmoderated list for discussion of UConn Husky
Basketball.  This list encompasses both the men's and the
women's programs.

To subscribe to the UCONN-BBALL list, send email to


with the body containing the following command: SUBSCRIBE

               *********  BIRDWATCHING  *********

listserver: email,
     message body: SUB BIRDCNTR    (Central US)
                   SUB BIRDEAST    (Eastern US)
                   SUB BIRDWEST    (Western US)

                  *********  BOATING  *********

Usenet Newsgroups:,,

        *********  CANOEING, KAYAKING, RAFTING  *********

For River ratings, safety guides, contact addresses and more:

   login as ftp; use your complete e-mail address as password

Usenet Newsgroups:,

                  *********  CAVING  *********
Mailing list: email  Serious inquiries

         *********  CLIMBING, MOUNTAINEERING  *********

mailing list: email listserv@trmetu.bitnet,

   message body: SUB MOUNT-L    (for

Usenet newsgroup: rec.climbing  (discuss climbs, techniques,
   and competition)

                  *********  CYCLING  *********

The Global Cycling Network is an electronic information desk for
cyclists.  Information is made available by way of five basic
mechanisms: gopher, CSO phone lookup, mailing lists, anonymous
ftp and ftpmail. It is hoped that this service will be used
locally, nationally and internationally to build a database of
cycling - related information accessible to anyone with a modem
and a computer. This gopher was launched in April, and they are
looking for cycling-related information that you'd like to share
with your region and the rest of the world. Please send a message

gopher, Port=70, Type=1

Bicycling FAQs, bike guides, racing schedules, technical hints
and tips, and generally interesting information can be found at
the following anonymous FTP sites...

FTP Address:  in /pub/rec.bicycles/*
   login as anonymous; use your complete e-mail address as

FTP Address:*
   login as ftp; use your complete e-mail address as password

FTP Address:  in /local/biking/*
   login as anonymous; use your complete e-mail address as

FTP Address:  in /pub/cycling/*  (Canadian info)
   login as anonymous; use your complete e-mail address as

Usenet newsgroups:, rec.bicycles.marketplace,
   rec.bicycles.misc, rec.bicycles.rides, rec.bicycles.soc (laws,
          socmation can be found at#M#Jthe following anonymous FTP sites~#.#M#J#

                  *********  FISHING  *********

Usenet newsgroup:

                  *********  FRISBEE  *********

FAQs, archives, rules for Disc Golf, Ultimate, and other disc

FTP Address:  in /pub/ultimate
   login as anonymous; use your complete e-mail address as

For Guts Frisbee players and fans:

gutsfrisbee-l on

The gutsfrisbee list was formed to discuss the sport of Guts
Frisbee and to spread information about upcoming tournaments and
locations of Guts players around the world.  The history of Guts
Frisbee will also be discussed, as well as the future of the
game.  Attention will also be paid to the new International Guts
Frisbee Hall of Fame and Museum located in Lake Linden, Michigan,
endorsed by Wham-O, manufacturer of the Frisbee disc.  We will
also discuss rules, administration, and will probably get into
discussions of future additions to the Hall of Fame in Lake

The gutsfrisbee list is based out of Michigan Technological
University, which has long been associated with the sport of
Guts.  In fact the Julius T. Nachazel trophy, awarded to the
winner of the International Frisbee Tournament (July 1-2, 1995,
Lake Linden) each year for the past 38 years, is named after a
former member of the Michigan Tech faculty, who donated this
prized possession to the Frisbee community.  We welcome one and
all to join us as we talk about Guts.

To subscribe, send the following message to

In the BODY of the mail

       SUBSCRIBE gutsfrisbee-l

             ********* THE GREAT OUTDOORS  *********

FTP Address:  in /Library/Article/Outdoors/*

  login as anonymous; use your complete e-mail address as


  path=Wiretap Online Library/Articles/Backcountry and Outdoors

             *********  HORSEBACK RIDING  *********

Listserver: email listserv@pccvm.bitnet,
   message body: SUBSCRIBE EQUINE-L 

Listserver: email, post them a
   note requesting to join the list.

Usenet newsgroup: rec.equestrian (same as 2nd listserver item)

               *********  SCUBA DIVING  *********

For equipment guides, huge archives on underwater activities:

FTP Address:*
   login as anonymous; use your complete e-mail address as

FTP address:
   login as ftp; use your complete e-mail address as password

Listserver: email listserv@brownvbm.bitnet,
   message body: SUB SCUBA-L 

Usenet newsgroup: rec.scuba

                  *********  SKATING  *********

For rollerskating/rollerblading Equipment guides, instructions,
and maintenance advice for all levels:

FTP address:*
   login as ftp; use your complete e-mail address as password

Usenet newsgroup(s): rec.skate

                  *********  SKIING  *********

Ski America would like to announce its home page on the World
Wide Web.  The URL is

Ski America has been the primary distributor of ski resort
information for 29 years.  Ski America has been the leading
source of VALUE PRICED ski-lift passes to more resorts than any
other organization in America for 22 years.  Passes are anywhere
from 5% to 50% off the regular resort price.

Ski America FREE is an opportunity for you to receive Ski
America Magazine FREE.

Ski America Points of Pickup is a list of locations where Ski
America information is available.

Our commitment is to serve the Internet as the primary resource
for ski resort information, tickets, lodging, complete travel
packages, ski condition reports, videos and electronic brochures
as well as ski equipment product information.  We will be
continuously adding to the service.  Revisit us often or for more
information call us at 1-800-801-0058.

          *********      SPORTS SCHEDULES    ********* sports schedules

          *********  SPORTS SCORES/STANDINGS  *********

finger or nfl@      (Football)

finger                (NFL Line Spreads)

                 *********  VOLLEYBALL  ********

The BAV-P list was formed in order to discuss the Boston Area
Volleyball scene, including but not limited to: places to
play, area tournaments, local happenings, team formation,
questions about ref'ing, as well as any other questions about
local volleyball organizations.

This list is an open, unmoderated, discussion list.

To subscribe to BAV-P, send the following command to

           SUBSCRIBE BAV-P yourfirstname yourlastname

To post a message to BAV-P, send a message with any subject to

This list is far from complete.  Soccer is one glaring omission,
I'm sure you can find others.  I'd appreciate knowing about any
sites that might have been overlooked.