ASSOCIATES (vol. 3, no. 1, July 1996) -

Table of Contents

                       _THE INTERNET GURU_
                          Dr. Brad Eden

Due to the time constraints of this current issue, as well as a
workshop I will be attending in mid-June, I will not be able to
write as complete a column for this issue of ASSOCIATES as I
usually like.  However, I have three WWW sites that are absolute
MUSTS to have in your bookmark collection.
Two of these sites deal with ergonomics, a topic that I have seen
recently discussed on a number of library lists.  The other site
is a link to almost all current sites dealing with or related to
library paraprofessionals.
Hope all of you have a great summer, and happy surfing!
   Hands-On Guide to No-Pain Computing
   General Libraries Ergonomics Task Force (excellent site!)
   Library Paraprofessional Links