ASSOCIATES (vol. 3, no. 1, July 1996) -

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                  _INFO FROM THE SUPERHIGHWAY_
                         Linda Putnam
               Senior Library Technical Assistant

In the library environment, there are no independent workers.
Everyone's job has an impact on someone and usually many persons.
For this reason, most of us are now involved in the training of
co-workers as well as keeping ourselves up-to-date.  We are each
responsible for learning new skills both in the library world and in the
world of computers and the Internet.  The following list of training URLs
covers a wide scope of computer software.  Most deal with the Internet
and the Wold Wide Web, but other software products are covered as
well.  Many of these sites are commercial sites which may have charges
attached, and these I have tried to indicate with the word commercial set
off with *'s.  If I miss some, remember the following designations:
            .edu/ = educational site;
            .gov/ = government site;
            .com/ = commercial site;
            .org/ = organization site.
Good luck and happy training.
                     TRAINING URL'S
B. Tudin Information Technologies    *commercial site*
Educators and Internet Trainers. Our 50 slide presentation
has been expanded to a new comprehensive 70 slide edition
that may satisfy your introductory training needs in one
fell swoop. Check it out now and watch for our Valentine's
special. Dont forget there are free slides for the taking
Web Education Support Tools      **commercial site**
How will the WWW affect training and education?  This site
opened my eyes to the possibilities of both virtual classes and
digital record keeping for ordinary face-to-face
classes.  Try the on line sample -- and log in as tutor or
student and use the tutor or student password.
This month, Sofcom begins a series of tutorials on the Java Programming
Language which are featured in Australia's latest Internet magazine -
The Australian NetGuide. This month's tutorial is titled "Twenty One
Matches" where we take you through a step by step example of how to
write your first Java program.
Twenty One Matches is a short example of a Java "applet". You can take
a copy of this code to modify.  This example program plays a very simple
game against the user. Starting with twenty one match sticks, the user
and the computer alternate in taking away 1, 2 or 3 matches at a time.
You win the game by taking the last match.
Trainer's Toolbox Newsletter      **commercial site**
Trainer's Toolbox provides tips, lesson plans, adult learning
strategies, games and activities designed by learing specialists for use
by environmental, human resources, and safety trainers.
K-5 CyberTrail: Web Tutorial for Elementary Teachers
The WMHT/Troy School 14 Intenet Testbed Project.
Join Syd the cyberGuide for a tour of educational resources on the Web
at the K-5 cybertrail!  A tutorial for elementary school teachers who are
new to the Internet, the K-5 Cybertrail features elementary schools on
the Web on the "Tenderfoot Trail" and curriculum resources for elementary
educators on the "Explorer Trail".
The Training.Net - News Service     **commercial site**
Training Net Computer Services Limited.  We have extended our new service
to include news stories on our web pages.  The online news stories are
extracted from our free daily e-mail service.
Beginners Central     **commercial site**
Panhandle Pages     *commercial site*
Northern Webs is proud to announce the release of Beginners Central,
an online internet surfing tutorial that answers questions which most
tutorials ignore!  Use our question for to ask us questions!
The Training Registry    **commercial site**
This site has a wide variety of online training course offerings and
vendor home pages.  It is a quick and easy way to browse the courses.
Courses are continually added, so if you do not see what you need, try
again later.
Site for New Internet Users and Internet Trainers and Presentors
Hopper Business Solutions Incorportated   **commercial site**
Come check out this excellent site full of tips, links and tricks for new
and experienced users of the Internet.  Download a copy of our famous
"how-to" guide to the Internet or one of our powerpoint presentations!
Free On-Line Tutorial on Setting up Web Sites
            **commercial site**
College Hill Internet Consultants has updated its on-line tutorial for
lawyers, non-profits, and professionals establishing web sites.  Whether
you plan to do your web design yourself or hire a firm to do the job for you,
you'll find plenty of helpful information in our on-line tutorial.
Free Internet Tutorials
Spectrum Virtual University.
I have taken one of their online Internet Workshops and it was informative
and very helpful.  They have professors to whom you can address questions.
Well worth looking into.
Artsedge Network
Internet user guides and more..
Utah State library's Internet Training Manual
Very helpful training manual plus links to additional sites.
Doctor Bob's "Accessing the Internet by E-mail" send e-mail to:
   nothing in the subject field,
   write in the body of the message:
              send lis-lis e-access-inet.txt
Bienvenue a' l'Ecole Nationale Superieure de Techniques Advancees
French server with a wonderful variety of documentation, one of which
is Zen and the art of the Internet
Chris DeRosia's Topher's Place
Interesting collection of guides to internet usage.
A short guided tour of the Internet   **commercial site**

Well done giving a brief tour of the WWW.
AtheNet Support Links   **commercial site**
Commercial access provider with section on how parents can protect
their children from pedophiles roaming the internet.
Internet Guides

Collection of resources that are useful to Internet trainers.
Submit-A-Tip      **commercial site**
A software School Inc., A New Jersey/New York based training
center providing Internet, HTML, pre-press, graphics and business software
courses for the Windows environment.  Software School Incorporated
charges for their training sessions.  Also gives Windows shortcuts.
   Phone 908-686-7373     E-mail

U.S. Library of Congress' Internet Training Tutorials
Collections of Internet guides, online courses, and tutorials.
Netscape 2.0
Various versions of Netscape are included in this collection of tutorials.
Adam Engst's book       **commercial site**
Internet starter kit for Windows.
Purdue University's Dept. of Computer Science

How to create a home page on their system.
Powerpoint Presentation    **commercial site**
Canadian Internet Consullting Company specializes in creatively
designed powerpoint presentations which are free if you have the time
to download.  This material covers the Internet and WWW basics.
Educational material with which you can successfully train your fellow
Netziens.  Shows them examples of what the net is all about and will go
a long way to help your training.
E-mail lessons      **commercial site**

Home Page of InterGo Communications - contains great technical
LEGO - Interactive Home Page Tutorial    **commercial site**
A great interactive site where you can create your own home page
directly from the folks at LEGO!
JAVA - SOURCEBOOK      **commercial site**
John Wiley and Sons built a Java Resource Center to complement their
new book, THE JAVA SOURCEBOOK, written by HotWired's Ed Anuff.  The
resource center is located at:
It's free and open to the public.
TechHelper     **commercial site**
TechHelper is the guide to technical support resources on the web.  A
searchable index of thousands of Frequently Asked Questions and a
browsable category listing of Vendor Technical Support Pages makes it
easy for a user to find the solution to their his/her problems.
A Shareviews Training Videos: HTML, JAVA, VRML
             **commercial site**
NEW INTERNET VIDEOS: Really easy guide series - HTML, Java, VRML,
Business.  Are used in libraries, schools and companies and praised for
being practical, easy to understand and ideal training aids.  Each video
is around 1.5 hours and has clear screenshots, easy language and
emphasis on giving everyone shortcuts.
ACRL/CNI Internet Education Project.
The ACRL's ETech Committee, INC and CWRU are pleased to announce
the Web
site for the ACRL/CNI Internet Education Project at:
The goal of the site is to provide for the sharing of selected Internet
instructional materials.  Visit the site for a more complete statement of
goals and background, selection criteria, credits, etc.
Learn AutoCAD on the Internet
**University site subject to University rules and regulations**
AutoCAD is the most popular Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) software
package available today.  Learn AutoCAD on the Internet by enrolling
in a special course offered by Murray State University, Murray, Kentucky.
Intranet Resource Center     **commercial site**
WebMaster Magazine presents the Intranet Resource Center, with a rich
set of information about using the web in your business.  The site includes
case studies, online reports and seminars, tool and technology
information, and links to many useful sites and articles.