ASSOCIATES (vol. 3, no. 1, July 1996) -

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This issue of ASSOCIATES: The Electronic Library Support Staff Journal is being published early for once, rather than late. What a miracle! As “publisher” as well as editor, I’m responsible for posting each issue of ASSOCIATES. There have been so many changes here at the University of Kansas, and the Libraries in particular, that I’m amazing the last issue got out at all. (Many thanks to Marianne Reed of the Library Automation Department who has the patience of a saint.)

This time our publishing schedule is affected by yet another “crisis”. I am having my left knee replaced on July 8th and my right one replaced on July 29th. As a result, I thought it might be a wee bit difficult to post this issue on the 15th. And since I won’t be back to work until October, if I waited until I returned it would be verrrrrrrrrrrrry late indeed!

I am fortunate that the State of Kansas was enlightened enough to establish a shared leave program, as only one of the surgeries will be covered by Workers’ Compensation. I am also extremely grateful for the federal Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993. I may even write an article about my experience with all these programs. (No promises!)

I am also fortunate to have an understanding boss (she actually refers to all her staff as “librarians”…how’s that for a switch!) who is willing to work with me on preparing for this. (And before you think “she *has* to”…nope. There are a lot of things that bosses don’t *have* to do, even though we might think they should.)

And I’m even more fortunate that there’s only going to be one home football game between now and October, and that might be on t.v. Talk about planning!

So, enjoy your summer on this, the third anniversary of ASSOCIATES: The Electronic Library Support Staff Journal.....2600 subscribers, 34 countries, and growing.

Kendall Simmons