ASSOCIATES (vol. 4, no. 1, July 1997) -

Table of Contents

   _The Library Paraprofessional: Notes from the Underground_
                          Terry Rodgers
                        McFarland & Co.

Recommended Audiences: Anyone interested in the field.  Should be
required reading for all Library Directors, Librarians and, of
course, Library Support Staff.
The book addresses many of the topics of concern to library
paraprofessionals.  First, the history and development of
paraprofessionals in the library are covered. Rodgers then
explores how the position became a woman's job, and includes
management issues.  She then discusses burnout--a major problem
in the field.  She also remarks on other major issues: sick
buildings, unions, and associations and how paraprofessionals are
Then, Rodgers gets to the hot topic: library paraprofessionals
and the M.L.S. degree.  The appendix contains two interviews that
give insight into understanding what paraprofessionals must deal
Rodgers' book is unlike others about the library field.  She
doesn't cloud issues.  Problems common to paraprofessionals are
explored, giving fair and accurate pictures.  This work can truly
be called "Notes from the Underground," as it discusses many
issues that have not been noted before as a whole.
Thanks, Terry Rodgers, for writing this book.