ASSOCIATES (vol. 10, no. 1, July 2003) -

Rainbow’s End



Tinker Massey

It is with great pleasure and some trepidation we introduce you to a different form of literature for ASSOCIATES. Rainbow’s End is a story involving people who work in libraries: their lives, their work, their good and bad days. It is hoped that not only the initial author of this story, but many of you, will join in the creation of this story by sending ideas for characters, plots, incidences, etc. The original author will meld those ideas into storyline and submit each chapter with succeeding new issues of the journal, giving preliminary credit for those whose ideas were used in that chapter. It is hoped that we can show all the range of library work and workers, while concluding in the end that there is truly a rainbow, but perhaps no end in the life cycle. Some chapters may be sedate, setting scene and character for following chapters, while others may be very energetic or aggressive. The author will continue to submit chapters even if there are no ideas flowing from the group, but we hope you will take up this challenge and join our interactive game. We think it can be fun and stimulating, and perhaps get a few of you energized into writing on your own. The readership is full of people with wonderful and bountiful ideas just waiting to contribute, so don’t wait. Be the first to send in suggestions!

We might even be lucky enough to develop a novel worth publishing in some format!?

Since this is a large and "virtual" writer’s group, it would be most effective for you to send ideas to Tinker Massey directly at her e-mail address: Replies will be made to you during weekdays only. Good luck to everyone!

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