ASSOCIATES (vol. 10, no. 2, November 2003) -

Rainbow’s End

Prelude to Chapter 2-3


Tinker Massey

I want to thank those who wrote about the story in the last issue of Associates. Some commented on the storyline, but Jim Jackson from the Law Library at the University of Exeter, UK, was the only one who got in the spirit of our game and contributed some ideas. As promised, I want to credit Jim with wanting to explore the reason for the shooting. I chose to scoot it back to the storyteller’s first day at work, so that a progression of autocratic bureaucracy could be seen as the culprit for producing the stress and tension which inevitably led to the shooting. I will continue to revisit old work times during the progression of the story, as the incidents fit and illustrate conditions or points of view.

Wendee has chosen to publish both chapters 2 and 3 together in one issue so that we can move the story along and because they are inevitably linked in character. I will tell you that this is only the beginning of the story. If you want to get into the act, please e-mail me at to forward any suggestions you have for the plot. Thanks again for your interaction! I’m excited about the development of the story and your comments.

Tinker Massey

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