ASSOCIATES (vol. 7 no. 2, November 2000) -

Ten Things I Wish I'd Known
Before I Went Out Into The Real World

Author: Maria Shriver
NY: Warner Books
ISBN: 0-446-52612-6

A Review


Dr. Bob Farnsworth
Serials Department
University of North Florida Library


Yes, this is the very same Maria Shriver you may have seen on television!

No, this is not her first may have begun to hear about her from patrons. She writes what appear to be simple, very quick-reading books.

However this appearance is deceiving. While her books appear "easy", the underlying philosophies and suggestions are anything but simplistic. Yet the whole family can read and discuss one of her books.

Such a one is her latest—TEN THINGS… In it she expands a rather famous Commencement Address she gave at the College of the Holy Cross. And while the book is similar, there is much much more information and reflection than in the original speech.

In her book, Maria Shriver gives advice and suggestions for changing one’s life. The advice and suggestions aren’t "off the top of her head", though. Rather they are hard won pointers, since she will be the first to admit to humiliation, failure, and all sorts of fears that she has had to work through to come to an understanding of "the real world".

Some of the topics include the philosophy of starting at the bottom--and then re-starting at the bottom--until you move up the steps to your goal. Remember—this isn’t an "easy way" book!

Another topic is (and remember, Maria IS married to a famous movie star!) realizing that a Wedding is not the same as a guarantee of living "happily ever after". There is much more involved than one sees in the movies—even when real-life movie stars are involved.!

Yet another section deals with discovering just why you are on this earth--and what to do to reinvent yourself to be the best "you" possible. probably have read many self-help books from "experts" who tell you how their clients did such and such to achieve various goals. This book is different--the author takes you on a virtual tour with her--and you can see how she herself has dealt with problem, heartache and situations that we never expect "the rich and famous" to deal with. She isn't easy on herself at all--and deals honestly with real-life situations.

Yet we can see the humor and love that the author feels are vital parts of Life. She shares freely with you and explains how you can have a better (yet realistic) life, too.

Definitely a quick--but "deep" read!

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