ASSOCIATES (vol. 6, no. 1, July 1999) -

Relax—You May Only Have A Few Minutes Left

Loretta LaRoche
New York: Villard Books
ISBN: 0-375-50145-2

A review by

Bob Farnsworth
Senior Library Technical Assistant
Serials Department
University of North Florida Library

      Has it been one of THOSE days? What kind? The kind where the patrons seem to have been born with horns and pitchforks...the kind where your boss strode in snapping a whip...the kind where total strangers on the phone just knew you were an easy target for the World’s Hardest Reference Questions... Yes, THAT kind of day!

      Well....if it has been one of those days, it would be an excellent time to check out Loretta LaRoche's book, RELAX—YOU MAY ONLY HAVE A FEW MINUTES LEFT

      Yes, this is the very same Loretta LaRoche you may have seen in her hilarious PBS workshops.

      It's the same Loretta LaRoche who has used videos to develop a reputation for common sense approaches to setting priorities and remembering personal values.

      Her book is a lot of fun to read--but has some lessons that will stick with you. She begins by saying, "You probably already know in great detail why your life doesn't work. Yet we need to challenge other words, to see the bless in the mess." If there are problems, there are also possible solutions and possible improvements to be had.

      LaRoche also clearly explains her list of Ta-Dah's--things that can take you outside of yourself and away from your negative thoughts. Among these are, "Talk to yourself in fun ways." "Treat yourself to pleasure and passion." "Turn on your imagination." "Tap into the universe of humor." All have many practical examples.

      As the author tells us, "Joy is the inner song you play throughout your day...It comes from inner peace, the ability to give and receive, and the ability to appreciate. It is a feeling of gratitude for the gift of life."

      And if one follows the many very practical suggestions that Loretta LaRoche offers in her very readable book, there's no question that one will begin to understand why each day is called "the present". Each day is truly a gift to be enjoyed.

      And this book is an excellent owner’s manual for that gift!

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