ASSOCIATES (vol. 7, no. 1, July 2000) -

The Internet Guru


Brad Eden, Ph.D
Head of Cataloging
University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Well, I am living through my first summer in Las Vegas; not much different than Houston in terms of heat, but much better with the humidity here. Of course, my shoes haven't started to melt yet on certain days, which some people indicate can happen on certain pavements.

Anyway, I have two great topics with Internet resources to share with you in this issue.

Telecommuting is a hot topic in the business and corporate communities, and is even making an appearance in some libraries.

Knowing the phone numbers and addresses of your congressman/woman, or other government officials, is very important in many situations, so I have provided some web sites to find out this information.

As usual, links are current as of 7/10/2000. I am always looking for new topics to feature in this

column, so contact me if you have any. Enjoy!!



"Telecommuting: Panacea or Pandora's Box?"

Telecommuting Safety & Health Benefits Institute (TSHBI)

Administration and General Information FAQ - Gil Gordon/Telecommuting

Consider all Possibilities for Telecommuters by Maureen Minehan, HR Magazine, November 1996

Re: Telecommuting

RISKMail Discussion Archive: Re: Telecommuting


Making Smart Decisions About Telecommuting NPELRA | Legislative and Legal Updates

OSHA Releases, Withdraws Guidance on Telecommuting



To email your U.S. Congressman:

then click on: "Write Your Representative Home Page" then pick your State and enter your zip-code.

To email your U.S. Senators:

Senators are listed alphabetically with email links AND street addresses.

Senate and Joint Committees are listed alphabetically under Standing, Special, Select, Other, and Joint Committees of Congress at:

Select your committee and you are presented a list of Committee Members with a link to each Member's page, for your convenience.

House Committees are listed at:

Select your Committee and at that Committee's site there will be a link to that Committee's Membership, with contact links for each Member.

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