ASSOCIATES (vol. 7 no. 2, November 2000) -

e-jargon in the Land of MARC


Jennifer Bull

FWIW, I completed the task.
My cart stands empty, ready for more.
Open the boxes, let the flood come
and I will ride the wave.

With my cart, [my canoe] we will travel
through the fields of marcdom,
stopping along the way to fill in the blanks,
weaving around delimiters, punctuation, and end stops.

I, now the navigator, journey through the web
searching for the more, bring it on.
This, that, and the other new thing, I await
their arrival. Change is my challenge.

We have no *backlog* here.
Time to change your defaults.
New mindset: Forward-log. It's there,
it's waiting, it's gonna be outta here.

IMNSHO, you overlook my readiness.
I can do more, be more, already am- more.
I pause <grinning> wondering why my
work, so surrounding me, does not overtake me.

Paulsen taught me some things about survival.
Notice everything. Think. Remember.
One empty cart, and the world awaits.
LOL, I step into the canoe ; )

Send me to the world within the MARC.
I shout not, I cry for reason. BTW
if there is a place for everything, let's put
everything in its place. Where is the more?
FWIW, I wait. <sigh>


 c2000 Jennifer Bull


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