ASSOCIATES (vol. 9, no. 1, July 2002) -

*The Internet Guru*


Brad Eden, Ph.D.
Head, Bibliographic and Metadata Services
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Here it is, another hot summer, at least in Las Vegas!! We are already seeing 100+ degree temperatures in mid-June, and it only looks to get hotter. I was lucky enough to be able to spend the entire month of March on vacation in England and Wales, driving all over and visiting many of the medieval churches and cathedrals that have been of interest to me since childhood. I thought that, since summer is vacation time for many of us, that I would list a number of vacation websites for those of you still looking for interesting and exciting places to visit on your vacation. Have fun, and don't get sunburned! (Websites listed were active and working as of 6/20/2002.)
This site has content on 52 African countries with news, a clickable map, informative articles, medical information, and travelers' forums.
Obviously for backpackers.
More than 25,000 bed-and-breakfasts worldwide are listed here. I stayed at bed and breakfasts for most of my Europe trip, and they are much friendlier, cheaper, and interesting than hotels and motels.
Conde Nast site packed with tips for planning trips.
Student travel site full of deals once you obtain an international student ID.
For worldwide travelers aged 55 and older.
How to join one of more than 150 volunteer teams using their vacation time on humanitarian and economic development projects throughout the world.
The Honeymoon section of this website details many popular destinations and many tips.
Maps, travel pointers, and message area.
For those planning a trip to Mexico.
National Center for Infectious Diseases, Travelers' Health site
For those looking to stay in the U.S. and interested in New England countryside trips.
New York, New York, here I come!
If you've got a pet, and you don't know what to do with it while on vacation, here is a listing of over 25,000 pet-friendly hotels, inns, campgrounds, ski resorts, beaches, and amusement parks.
Tour of America's wacky roadside attractions.
I left my heart in San Francisco!
Best places for vacationing with kids.
When you're ready to go to Europe, make sure to check this site out.
This magazine is a must-read for D.C. visitors.

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