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Linda Putnam
Documents Dept.
Strozier Library
Florida State Univerity

Comprehensive Plans

This is a slightly different kind of list this week because we have been inundated with questions about various City and County Comprehensive Plans. My boss asked me to go through the computer and see how many Florida Comprehensive Plans I could find on the Internet. I thought that this might inspire others to do the same since the Urban Studies classes will jump for joy when they see the list I have found.

The search techniques that I used were: I started with the State Links and went to the "MY Florida" Florida website and checked as many that way as I could find. The next step was to go to the state government pages and click on Florida and then cities and/or counties. Then I went to the various search engines and conducted the following two searches: Comprehensive plan ; Florida Growth Management Plan. If a city and county do their Comprehensive Plan together I include them in both sections. For example: Tallahassee/Leon County Comprehensive Plan is listed in both the county and city sections.

I hope you can use this list because it was fun to do. I also hope some of you try the search and see how many comp plans you can find. Remember, when you are searching you have to use all of the various search engines because you will find different sites listed in different search engines.

County Comprehensive Plans

Alachua County Comprehensive Planning

Bay County Comprehensive Plan

Broward County Comprehensive Plan

Charlotte County Comprehensive Plan - various sections of the county's long-range growth plan.

Escambia County Comprehensive Plan.

CIMS: Hillsborough Comprehensive Plan

Jackson County Comprehensive Plan

Lee County Comprehensive Plan

Martin County 2001 Comprehensive Plan Amendment

Okaloosa County Florida- Planning & Inspection - Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan of Orange County - Currently being updated 2/02

Osceola County Comprehensive Plan Amendments

Pinelles County Comprehensive Plan

Putnam County Proposed Comprehensive Plan Amendments

Santa Rosa County Comprehensive Plan

Sarasota County Comprehensive Plan

Planning & Zoning - Seminole County Planning and Development

Tallahassee-Leon County Comprehensive Plan

Volusia County Comprehensive Plan

City Comprehensive Plans

Fort Lauderdale Comprehensive Plan

Town of Fort Myers Beach Comprehensive Plan

Gainesville, Florida | Community Development

Indialantic Comprehensive Plan

Islamorada, Village of islands

City of Jacksonville 2010 Comprehensive Plan

City of Miami Consolidated Plan

City of Orlando, Housing & Community Development

City of Panama City Beach Proposed Comprehensive Plan

CIMS: Plant City Comprehensive Plan

St. Pete Beach Comprehensive plan goals, objectives and policies

Sarasota City Plan

Tallahassee-Leon County Comprehensive Plan

CIMS: City of Tampa Comprehensive Plan

CIMS: City of Temple Terrace Comprehensive Plan

Regional Comprehensive Plans

Central Florida Strategic Regional Policy Plan - Executive Summary only.

East Central Florida Strategic Regional Policy Plan

North Central Florida Strategic Regional Policy Plan

North East Florida Growth Management Report 1999

South Florida Strategic Regional Policy Plan

Southwest Florida Regional Planning Council

Tampa Bay Region: Future of the Region: A Strategic Regional Policy Plan (FRSRPP)

West Florida Strategic Regional Policy Plan

University Comprehensive Plans

University of Florida

University of North Florida -2000 master plan

University of South Florida : Master Plan 2000 Florida A&M University Campus Master Plan

Florida State University Master Plan

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