ASSOCIATES (vol. 5, no. 1, July 1998) -



Dr. Brad Eden
Coordinator of Technical Services/Automated Library Services
North Harris Montgomery Community College District
Houston, Texas

Okay, who sent all of this suffocating heat down here to Texas!! We haven't had a decent rain in Houston now for over a month! I thought that going to ALA Annual in Washington, D.C. would be better, but they were just as bad off, at least the first two days. Oh well, I guess this is what is called living in the South.

Many of us are now working on the Web, so I thought that listing some sites that will assist us in evaluating Internet resources would be appropriate for this long hot summer. Have fun exploring these sites, and if you would like me to explore a specific topic in a future edition, please email me with your suggestions. Happy surfing (Internet or otherwise)!

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