ASSOCIATES (vol. 5, no. 2, November 1998) -

The Internet Guru


Dr. Brad Eden
Coordinator of Technical Services/Automated Library Services
North Harris Montgomery Community College District
Houston, Texas

Well, after living through the most heat-intensive summer recorded here in Houston for June and July, and then living through some of the most intense rain and flooding in the last decade here in Houston for August through September, I am just about ready to concede that global warming is affecting the dramatic climate changes on our planet.

Anyway, for a change, I would like to refer all of you to some excellent Internet sites where you can put together electronic cards for any occasion and send them to friends, relatives, loved ones, etc., etc. Although this may have nothing to do with your position in the library, sometimes we have to look at other benefits that the Internet provides besides quick information and neat multimedia graphics, and look at the personal benefits as well.

Some of these cards require the receiver of the message to have Web access, while others send your card electronically as a Word document, and some will do both. Make sure that you know how your card will be sent before you select the site from which you compile your electronic card; otherwise, you may have a disappointed and curious other person wondering what they might have received.

Have fun...!!

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