ASSOCIATES (vol. 6, no. 2, November 1999) -

The Internet Guru


Dr. Brad Eden
Head of Cataloging
University of Nevada at Las Vegas

      Well, hello everyone!! I hope that everyone had a nice summer. I have moved into a new location and position, Head of Cataloging at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. I must say, that I am enjoying cooler temperatures and reduced humidity here, and I hope that it continues.

      Many of us get headaches from time to time, sometimes due to stress at work or at home. Sometimes we get headaches on a regular basis, and then we need to consider whether we are a migraine sufferer. I have compiled a list of Internet sites that deal with headaches in general and migraine headaches in particular. All URLs work as of the date of this article. Remember to always consult a physician in regards to medical concerns; while the Internet is a great place to do initial research and information compilation regarding health concerns, NEVER initiate changes in diet or lifestyle without consulting a doctor first. Happy surfing!!


Key Features that Distinguish Cluster from Migraine Headaches

DoctorNET Online Headache Links

Natural Migraine Treatment FAQ

National Headache Foundation

What's Causing Your Headache?

The Neurologist's Health Clinic-- Migraines

Headache Research Group

The Migraine Information Site

Migraine Diagnosis and Treatment

Migraine Resource Center

Aunt Jet Getes BAD Headaches

JAMA Migraine Information Center

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