ASSOCIATES (vol. 6, no. 2, November 1999) -

Whee! What a rush! I get to write the last ASSOCIATES editorial of the century!

I feel particularly honored because some of the best writing ever published in ASSOCIATES is in this issue. Your Editorial Board members spent much time going through the archives and choosing some favorites to be re-published. So we know that for many of you (especially those who were with us at the very beginning!) this will be a nostalgic collection.

Meanwhile, my editorial will be short--but heartfelt. This is the point at which I, as a member of the Board, thank all of you who have spent so much time contributing, suggesting, reading, and sharing through the many issues. And I certainly would be remiss not to mention the Chief--our very own Kendall who has gone through some incredible hardships to ensure the continuation of ASSOCIATES.

Let's face it, a few short weeks, we will have been together for two centuries! (No...I'm not getting involved in the two millennia or not argument!) And each and every one of you who spends time working so hard in either technical or public services--or both--can truly look back at the 20th Century--and say, "I was one of those who made a difference in that century. In my own way, in my own job, I kept the ancient tradition of the library going. And at the same time, I helped people learn more about themselves and their world."

Happy 21st Century, ASSOCIATES Family!

Bob Farnsworth, Editor

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